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SaturdayLauantai 08.12.2007 23:03

Oh I really can get that through my mind... Been thinking I'm going to school tomorrow and then like understanding that it's saturday and getting really happy. WOHO

Noh what have I been up to lately?
I don't fucking know. Watched "the quiet" today. Awsome, beautiful movie. It's like so awful but amazing at the same time. I could relate to parts of it at the same time as it was so different. Totaly amazing, that's all I can say about it right now!
I also watched Transformers (Matcho right?!?!?!) with Peter yesterday. Cutie... Havn't seen him for a while, damn he still has my clothes. I want themback! And I watched "My neighbour Totoro" with Malte. Awsome. Hahaha Anime thingy.... WIIIIIII
So I'm gonna go now...
Kisses on you all

PS. Isn't it wierd that everytime I write something at school I'm REALLY pissed of but when I'm home or at a friends house I'm like normal. At least a little bit more normal! HAHAHAHa

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