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WohoKeskiviikko 19.12.2007 15:17

Tomorrow is the last day in school! Awosme. I'm all like jumping up and down from the joy of not having to sit around here! WOHO WOHO.... Not!
Haha I'm so tired right now. Haven't slept properly for about... Hmmmmm... I would guess 3 YEARS! Damn... I need to get like sleeping pills or something. I can't fucking sleep at home. Ever...
Oh, yeah. Sometimes I can sleep but that's when I 1. Have someone next to me or 2. when I'm not at home... Especially in Finland. It's really annoying. It's not so wierd as it seems though. It's cold in our house and well my darling parents and younger brother allways make noise. They always start screaming or somethign just when I wanna sleep. It's lik some kinda rule. Well fortunately it's only like 7 months left till my move. Do you all get that?!?!?!? I'm moving away from home in fucking 7 months. That's NOTHING! Shit I need to go get a job now! Fuck....
C U all soon

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