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LuciaTorstai 13.12.2007 21:43

Hmmm so I was in the fucking lucia thingy today. It sucked. I havn't worn only white since my confirmation thing. It was so uncomfortable that I had my pants and converse on under it! Haha. I hope my teachers noticed.
Well I'm still pretty sick so it really sounded horrible, but hey! I mean you can't be perfect right?!?!?!
We also got to watch the other show...
It was better than the first, definately. But still... They suck. I mean seriously. There are SOME rules in music that you DON'T fucking break. One of them is: You do NOT, ever in your life, play the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen if you are like serious. It can be played like with friends and just playing around, but NEVER EVER should that song be played on stage for people that doesn't know you. I mean seriously. And DEFINATELY not if you are trying to sound like the original. I mean Freddy Mercury. He was the fucking greatest singer that ever walked this earth. Do not try to copy! Well the little first graders played it. It sucked. I was angry. Norma (hugest Queen fan ever) actually started crying cause she was so mad!
Oh and also they played "rock'n'roll" by led zeppelin. Same thing here (not as much as with the queen song but still!). The bad thing is that my class had that song in our show last year so I mean it was like they stole from us (but they didn't go to our school at that time so they didn't know it really). Also they played the soundtrack from Friends you know "I'll be there for you..." and well we played that song lasst year. Copy cats! Damn....
Well we don't suck as much as them so I'm happy!
The people that played instuments were actually okay but the singers. Catastrofic...

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