Truth is written in blood, Sanity is written in ink.

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<;Tiistai 26.10.2010 22:29

He's a wolf in disguise
But I can't stop staring in those evil eyes..

He licked his lips, said to me;
Girl, you look good enough to eat
Put his arms around me
Said, "Boy, now get your paws right off me"

That boy is a monster..

A mistaken identityTiistai 26.10.2010 01:24

Now I'm gone in your photograph
I bet you wish you could get me back
Now I'm stuck in your memory
A mistaken identity

You act like you just saw a ghost
I watch you getting way too close
Now I know why you're never there
Now I know so it's my turn to disappear

Now it's my turn, watch me disappear
Just like a go-go-go-ghost
Watch me go-go-go-ghost

The only gift that you ever gave
Was that you let me just get away
I hope I haunt you in every dream
And you feel a little misery

Now you see me
Now you don't
You must've thought I'd never go
Thanks to you I'm taking back my soul..

Make me feel good.Torstai 21.10.2010 20:54

it must be the ganja
it's the marijuana
what's creeping upon me

why I'm so high
maybe it's the Henny
that has gotten in me
whatever's gotten into me

I don't mind..

Niin paljon turhia sanoja..

Luulin paljon suunnitelmia,
jotka olivat vain harhakuvia.
En tahdo niitä unohtaa,
ne teki mun elämästä parempaa.

En tiedä kuinka kertoisin,
että sinusta silloin välitin.
Mä haluaisin vielä yrittää,
perustaa yhteistä elämää.

Pretend.Maanantai 20.09.2010 23:09

Can we pretend that airplanes,
in the night sky,
are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now..

You don't get another chance
Life is no nintendo game, but you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane?

Sarcastic.Sunnuntai 05.09.2010 02:41

- Jos tytöllä on poikia joka sormelle, miksi häntä kutsutaan huoraksi, kun taas jos pojalla on tyttöjä joka viikonpäivälle häntä kutsutaan kuninkaaksi.

- No siksi koska jos on olemassa avain joka käy moneen lukkoon se on silloin tosi hyvä avain, mutta jos on olemassa lukko johon käy monta avainta se on silloin tosi halpa lukko.

Japöh :DD jollaki äijjälä taas välähtäny xD

Muruuuu..Lauantai 21.08.2010 05:57

..takki auki<3 (;

If you really want to know
What I want in a guy...

Well, I'm lookin' for a dream on a mean machine
With hell in his eyes.

And he's gonna be wild as the wind.
And one fine night, I'll be holdin' on tight...

If he's cool enough,
He can burn me through and through.

Whhoa ohhhh..!!

If it takes forever,
Then I'll wait forever.
No ordinary boy,
No ordinary boy is gonna do.
I want a rider that's cool.

That's the way it's gonna be,
And that's the way that I feel.

I want a whole lot more than the boy next door,
I want hell on wheels.

I don't want no ordinary guys,
Comin' on strong to me.
They don't know what I'm lookin' for,
They don't know what I need.

They're gonna know when he gets here,
Cause the crowd will be shakin'.

I'll do anything to let him know,
That I'm his, his for the takin'.

One sleepless night..


Suppu sanoo:
haha 8''D

Kata sanoo:

Suppu sanoo:
katalla on tainu pillerit jäähä ottamatta ;'D

Kata sanoo:

mää en ole muru, olen koko helevetin iso PULLA.!


Suppu sanoo:
gosh what's wrong whit ya ? xD

Kata sanoo:
kasvatus :'<

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 19.07.2010 21:49

You can't have a rainbow, without a little rain. Can't love, without a little pain.

© Hollis