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On March 13, 2010 Dio breaks up.
2010-01-24 01:26:18

13.03.2010 (Sat)
We're going to have a oneman at Takadanobaba AREA and then Dio will break up.

I personally would've never thought that it would come to this development.
I seriously thought that I would continue to be in Dio until I'm a grandfather, until I die.
My dearest wish was to suddenly die on stage, while singing a song and still being a dictator.
Because I really love this band called Dio.
More than anything else in my life... it's an important treasure above all else.
I also happened to encounter the best members in the world.
We made music together, we held lives in Europe and America together, we went to the bathhouse together, we ate meals together, we slept together. We became friends for a lifetime.
That we managed to reach today without a single fight, that was because everyone loved Dio a lot.
They're members that can't be replaced.
But to Dio, to myself, to the members, to everybody, it's impossible to behave just like a spoiled child by doing nothing but grieving for the beloved bygone days. (1)
Because of this we may not have advanced before, and even when the night visits, tomorrow doesn't come. (2)
Of course this decision has never been an easy one.
My feelings for Dio contain more strong self-confidence than anybody else's.
We thought and thought about it, worried and worried, but it's the decision that was made after all the members discussed it many times over.

We would like to thank all those who rooted for Dio, who supported us, from the bottom of our heart.
言うまでもありませんがみんながいたからこそ、今のおれが在ります。 (3)
My raison d'être, the value of my existence, you who all came to notice us.
For all those of you, what I, what Dio is able to do is to announce a last live.
For the last live, I will give all that's in me, Dio will give all that's in us.
We won't break up before the last live but, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you as the end of this announcement.

I would like to thank you very much for loving Dio until now.
1) だけど、そうやって過去を愛しく憂うばかりで、Dioに、自分に、メンバーに、みんなに、甘えてばかりいるわけにはいかないのです。
2) それでは前に進めず、夜が訪れても、明日がやって来ないのです。
3) It's not really "important" - I just can't put it into English... ^^;

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