I don't need to be touched by you

RevelationPerjantai 23.11.2007 10:06

Don't worry, I'll be fine.
You wasn't the first one to hurt me.
But I promise, you were the last.

I hate myself, for trusting.
I don't like myself, 'cause I tried to stand up for you.
I'm ashamed 'cause I really thought you could make me complete.

I thank my friends for tellin' me,
that I'm gonna get hurt,
but next time you do,
please do it before I can feel it.

Trusting is overrated,
I think I'm going back,
to the way I used to be.

I'm not cold, I'm just gonna ignore my feelings,
So it's getting easy, I'll just ignore them,
Like I ignore you.

I hope the world gives you, what you were looking for.
I always knew, that I can't make you happy.
Thanks for letting me know that this world doesn't really change.

(c) booberry

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