I don't need to be touched by you

You don't even know me.Perjantai 23.11.2007 23:51

I feel like you're messin' with my head again,
even though I got no proofs,
but I think you don't know what you want.

Could you just once be a man, and tell me straight,
do you want me to go or do you want me to stay?
From time and time again, you're giving mixed up signs.

Are you happy now that you got me confused ?

Just tell me was it real what we had ?
Do you regret that you didn't get to know me better,
'cause if you would've done that,
things could be differently.

This all just feels so unreal, a little time a go,
I was having the time of my life
but now my life is fallin' apart
and I don't even know how long I'll be here watching the great destruction.

(c) booberry

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