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I don't need to be touched by you

Letting goTorstai 13.12.2007 11:50

There's no point for me to say anything,
'cause i already know that you've made your decision.
You've made the choice to walk your own path, and i'm not in it.
You didn't let me come to your life.

I don't blame you,
but did you know that you made it quite obvious to me,
before you even told me about it.
And I don't mean to lie to anyone,
it still does hurt like hell,
but I have to keep moving on or else I'll be cryin' here forever.

It's your life and you're gonna live it like you want to.
So I don't want you to stay, unless you really want to.
But please remember, I never lied, I just never told you how much
it hurts to be a part from you.

And when you told me that it's over,
I got numb from the pain.
But if you ever read this,
I really do hope you're happier.

I'll miss you very much.
It's time to let you go.

(c) booberry

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