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Max Myers and The Dino Dino Land Chapter..4

Well.. I was surprised when i got so good comments from few people not lazy enough to comment my stories, but there was that you suck at grammar and you should check them... Well i´m sorry if they suck and i have tried to look threw them but what can i do because English isn't my native language and i am too lazy to get them proof read´ed by someone.. Soooo.. No more grammar sucks comments PLEASE.. now on the story we go... XD

When next morning came Max woke up to the sound of people running out side of his room, so whit a groan he tried to get up, but noticed that Rei was still laying on his chest. So he did a quick kawarimi and chanced places whit the pillow on the floor.

"Oh great." The human said when he noticed that he was naked and then he remembered the last night whit the raptor so he glanced at her sleeping figure before sighing and starting to dress his clothes on. When he was dressed he created a kage bunshin to go find out what was going on outside while he himself started to do his morning exercises, push ups, pull ups, one finger push ups and the tip of the kunai push ups. Where you smash a kunai in the ground handle first so that the sharp point is pointing upward then you start doing one fingered push ups on the tip of the kunai while keeping your body straight so that your legs were in the air.

This exercise rise´d you chakra and its control. Max had been doing this until he felt some one watching him and saw Rei lying on the bed while looking at him curiously,

"Good morning." Max said finishing his exercise and returning his kunai in his pouch.

"What were you doing." She asked while the human made few stretches,

"I was training, it keeps me in shape and because of my training i was able to do all those things you saw me do before." Max said sitting on the bed while starting to rub Rei´s head making her murr. Suddenly Max got the memories of his clones when it dispelled it´s self, it seemed that there was other survivors back at the hotel and they were planning to go and rescue them.

"We have to go Rei." Max said standing up while the raptor stood up and followed him, they went in the room where Max felt Sean and Clark to be.

"We have to go save them, we just cant leave them there to die." Clark said making Sean nod while others just growled,

"We aren't going to go there to get ourself killed, i say we head at the boat." Said random furry which made Clark to glare at him and Max decided to reveal his presence so he stepped out from the shadows.

"You guys go to the dock while I and Rei go back to save those others at the hotel." Max said making everyone to turn their head at him and the raptor walking next to the human.

"Max you are awake." Sean said surprised which made Max to groan,

"Well good morning to you too, so do we got a deal. You guys head to the dock while we go back at the hotel." Max said gesturing Rei next to him while Clark just nodded,

"Okay, here is radio so that we can keep in touch." Clark said handing Max a radio phone while the human just nodded and turned to leave, only to be stopped by a paw on his shoulder.

"Be careful out there Max." Sean said making the human smirk,

"Well i could say same thing to you too." Max said walking out from the room whit Rei. When they got outside max turned to look at the raptor next to him,

"So are you up to small race." He asked making the raptor smirk,

"Your funeral." She answered before dashing in the forest while Max ran after her. They had ran for hour until Max grasped Rei and leaped behind a near by tree, making the raptor look at him surprised until the human pointed at the small clearing in front of them. There was about dozen of those red scaled raptors feasting on a big corpse of dinosaur

"We have to go around them." Max whispered releasing her and they moved slowly so that they could get around them whiteout them noticing their presence. When they were clear they started to run again while Max kept the lead so that he could see if there was anything dangerous in front of them.

It took about two hours from them until they got back at the hotel, Rei seemed to be exhausted so Max told her to stay in here whit his two recently created kage bunshins while the human himself went in the hotel to look for survivors. He was moving slowly on the hallways when he heard a scream so he started to run until he arrived to the hall where three furries were trying to defend them self whit metal pipes against tree red scaled raptors.

They were losing badly so Max had to move fast, so he boosted his speed whit his chakra and ran at the closest raptor and leaped. The human landed on the neck of the raptor smashing its head on the ground whit sickening crunch, then he noticed other two of the raptors look at him so he took out a kunai and tossed it between the eyes of the one raptor making it fall limp on the ground, the last raptor noticed that it didn't stand a chance against this new threat so it ran away, but when Max saw where it was running he knew that it couldn't get far so he turned to look at the three furries. One of them seemed to be injured from its leg while the others had slight scratches on their body.

"Are you okay." Max asked while the furries looked surprised,

"Look I´m here to help, there is other survivors and they are heading at the other side of this island because there is a boat which we can use to escape." The human said rising his arms in the air,

"Can you tell me how a human got in this island." asked a canine anthro making Max to sigh,

"I came whit my friend Sean to see Clark." The human said making the fur's surprised,

"Clark is alive." They chorused making the human cringe at the level of their sound.

"Okay... Let´s just go i want out of this shit hole ASAP." Max said starting to walk out side while the three furries followed him while carrying the wounded one. When they arrived outside the furries gasped when they saw Rei standing there, but Max just grinned when she walked at him and nudged at his hand which made the human pat her hand.

"Don't worry she is my friend, i once had a t-Rex but he didn't get along my dog and ate it so i had sell it to a local pet store." Max said smirking at the furries shocked expressions,

"You know i was just kidding about the t-Rex." Max said after he had watched their shocked expression for few minutes and when he said the magic words it made the furries glare at him.

"Well lets move along now, we don't want any big and hungry after us." Max said starting to walk whit Rei next to him while the three furries walked behind him. He had left few of his kage bunshins to follow them behind and kill any dinosaur who where threat to them.
When they had walked about an hour Max heard his radio phone peep,

"Yo." The human said pressing the button,

"Max did you find them." Sean asked,

"Well...." Max said looking over his shoulder at the furries following him, "They are hanging around." He finished turning to look back at their path.

"Its not time for jokes Max, we are in trouble." Sean said and Max could hear some gun fire from the radio,

"Well you started the party whit out me, what a shame." Max said sighing,

"God damned Max there is a big ass lizard after us." Sean yelled before the radio went mute making the human stop and look back at the three furries. While Rei stood next to him looking worried,

"Well guys I´m sorry to say that others got in trouble so we have to move fast." Max said creating three more kage bushins,

"Now i want no questions just climb on the back of my clones because i can move faster carrying you than we run at your speed." Max said and the three furries climbed on the clones while Max gestured for Rei to climb on his back.

When they were ready Max and his clones started to run so fast that the forest looked like a blur,

"Thissss isss awesssome." Rei whispered from Max back which made him grin while he headed at the direction where he could feel Sean's chakra.

When they neared the place where the human could feel others to be, he gestured for his clones to wait while he cleared the path. When the human landed on the clearing he saw two t-Rex´s circling around the furries, which made him frown and start running at the closest one. The big lizard didn't notice him which was a big mistake because Max started to run along the tail tail of the t-Rex while using his chakra to keep his feet on the scales of the lizard. When the lizard noticed that something was on his back and it turned it´s head to look it was too late, the human had a grip of the handle of his katana and the was a cutting sound before Max landed on the ground kneeling while holding his blade on his right hand, he had left Rei whit his clones so that he was able to better and now they could see the eyes of the t-Rex go wide before half of its face spurted a large spurt of blood and fell on the ground whit the body coming after wards making the ground tremble.

Suddenly the human shot at the last t-Rex while starting to spin in the air making a white gleaming typhoon surround him which went threw the last t-Rex shredding it into little pieces. The human landed on the ground kneeling again and panting lightly, because the move had taken quite lot out of him and he had been running whit chakra whole day so it didn't help either.

Whit a quiet chuckle Max returned his katana in its sheath and stood up walking at the gaping furries while his clones and Rei walked out from the forest. The clones laid the three furries down before disappearing in puff of smoke while Rei walked next to Max chirping at him worriedly while nudging at his side.

"I´m okay Rei." Max said rubbing her muzzle which made her murr,

"That was awesome Max how were you able to do that." Sean asked suddenly which made the human sigh,

"Lots of training, now lets move and find a place to camp. Because the place we are heading is at least a day away at your speed." Max said starting to walk while Rei walked next to him,

"Cant you make clones and carry us or something." Asked a random furry which made the human groan,

"Look i have my limits okay and now i´m too exhausted to do even one clone." Max said and glared at the others so that they wont ask anymore questions, so after that they continued walk for an hour until they got in another small clearing and they camped in there for night. The group decided to keep three at time on watch while others slept so that they didn't get any surprises, after they had gotten a campfire on they started to cook their food they got from the lab. Max and Rei were eating next to each others while keeping a small distance from the others so that they could talk.

"How are you able to do thossse thingsss." The raptores asked after they had eaten and were laying on the ground, Max on his back while she laid her head on his chest.

"I have been training my whole life and recently i noticed that i could use this chakra which helps me a lot." Max answered while rubbing her head making the raptor murr,

"You are ssstrange." Rei whispered which made the human chuckle and after that they fell in sleep.

Soooooo.. Got more action and some cuddling.. o_O Well i don't have much to say than REWIEV.. Oh and i get a tattoo tomorrow wohoo... Soooo.. See ya next time.. XD

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