KAORU OLETKO PERVO VAI PERVO <3Torstai 26.02.2009 09:48

Subject: This is Kaoru. The Roadside Tissue

Message: Yesterday when I was about to leave the recording studio and ride the car, another car's passengers were doing CARSEX.
Iya~n so shameless.
The cardoor/side windows were starting to get foggy and as I unwittingly went for the front view to look, the car was a SHINY silver Benz.
Weeell, I could say that the two lower half-naked bastards weren't so powerfully going at it but as I took a closer look, they were vigourously doing it and totally oblivious to their surroundings.
I rode the car and the lights turned on and (they)kind of noticed and slowed down the up and down exercise, just like idiots.
That is all for today's report.
Watching this alone would be really stupid, of course, Shinya saw it too.

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