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[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 08.07.2013 04:59

You say you listen but you never do.
You say we’re fine but I’m in this too.
You fall asleep and I’m still awake,
I wish you would understand.

You’re like a rock that I would like to break
or like a cocktail that I have to shake.
You make me sad when I’m happy,
I wish you could understand.

Still I go weak when you just look at me.
You’re such a creep but still you make me feel.
Let me love I’m impatient
or cut me loose and let me be free,
cause you’re the one who’s holding the key.

I know you love me but it feels untrue,
sometimes a wall between me and you.
Am I a dreamer or am I a fool
I’ve got a thing about you.

I’m torn apart so
stop dragging my heart around.
Oh, how I wish that you would understand.

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