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hate that i love u.Tiistai 25.06.2013 18:33

You, you know how to get me so low.
My heart had a crash when we spoke.
I can't fix what you broke.
You, you always have a reason,
Again & again this feelin'
Why do I give in?

& I always was, always was one for crying
I always was one for tears

5.5.2013 <3Tiistai 18.06.2013 15:47

I love you more than all that's on the planet,
Moving, talking, walking, breathing.
You know it's true.
Oh baby ,it's so funny
You almost don't believe it

i only know i'm better where you are <3Perjantai 14.06.2013 13:37

You and I have something different
And I'm enjoying it cautiously
I'm battle scarred, I am working oh so hard
To get back to who I used to be

He's disappearing
Fading Steadily,
I'm so close to being yours
Won't you stay with me

Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you.

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 22.05.2013 21:14

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter

So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna seem so weak
Maybe I've been California dreaming

SUOMENMESTARIIIII 2013 ;)Torstai 25.04.2013 17:12


[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 22.04.2013 20:12

Ja minä en enää milloinkaan
Aio rakastua kehenkään.
Jos tunteet herää sisälläin,
Ne täytyy tappaa,

Sillä rakkaus on murhaa.
Rakkaus on murhaa,
Rakkaus on julmaa
ja rakkaus on turhaa...

i'm a messKeskiviikko 17.04.2013 19:46

I told myself I won't miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you

The bed I'm lying in is getting colder
Wish I never would've said it's over
And I can't pretend...

nothing ever hurt like youTiistai 16.04.2013 02:46

There ain't nothing that I won't do
Walk a thousand miles on broken glass
It won't stop me from making my way back to you

I want you
So much more than I should, yes I do <3

is this love?Torstai 04.04.2013 17:58

Jostai syystä hidastin, sait pidettyä kiinni
Pitkäst aikaa hetken paikallaa, ihmeen hyvä fiilis
Voisko olla totta, et mullekko joku sopiva, vai
Mulla sun sydän, sulla mun kotiavain

Olet niin upea,toivoin sut uniini.
Nyt olet totta ja aamusta raukeat silmäsi katselee mua
Henkeni salpautuu, kun puoleeni kumarrut..

Stop en rakastua saa, se tietää vain surua
Hiljentäkää, sydän hiljentäkää.