gathering of idiots.Perjantai 02.12.2005 05:13

Forgot to mention that helped two little youngsters to push their car out of a ditch tonight. They couldn't been more than 19years old and were driving a... surprise, surprise.. Ford Sierra from the early '90's.. They shouldn't give cars with rear-wheel drive to those kind of idiots..

the driver was a fucking moron, he wondered how the car ended in the ditch, after all he had driven very carefully.. yeah, right. (The car was in the ditch about 15 meters from a intersection and the road was covered with ice and on top of the ice there was 5cm of snow.. and accordind to the quite neat marks on the road just after the intersection the car was drifting pretty nicely.. very careful and skillful driving indeed.) Well, at least I got myself in a good mood. :)

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