tired.Tiistai 29.11.2005 00:55

first day at work. Feeling quite tired. I'm quite glad that I don't have any school tomorrow, and can sleep late. Next week is going to be exhausting, I have a night shift (22-06) and school from 8 to 17 from tuesday to friday with compulsory attendance. Yeay!

now one cigarette, tea and bed.

another week closer to Christmas.Maanantai 28.11.2005 02:24

It was a considerably mild and relaxing sunday afternoon. Got to my parents and went for a walk with the dogs and took a nap of couple of hours.

I'm still here, and was planning to spend the night here and go for a run in the morning, for it's so much nicer to run here in the woods than in the city. I don't if it was the traditional hangover-depression or what but I decided to pay some more effort to my school. This fall has just gone by without or at least with very little interest on education.

Checked out the prices of season tickets to Messilä and they are sky high. 330 euros for maximum of 4 months of snowboarding. Pretty damn expensive to a student. But my enthusiasm for this sport is however so great that I'll propably buy the ticket anyway.

This week is on to a good start, or at least the feeling is much better than on the whole previous week.

Screw last week, Yeay this week.

The end.Sunnuntai 27.11.2005 18:09

Weekend is almost over and starting to feel some signs of my hangover approaching. Seems that it's not going to be a massive one, for which I'm very grateful.

Now I'm trying to get myself together for I've very wisely promised to my parents that I'd go there today and have dinner..

It should snow more, for I wanna get on my snowboard.

wild weekend continues.Sunnuntai 27.11.2005 00:10

at my friend's birthday party atm, just trying to get drunk, it's difficult however for this is the third evening in a row for me.. but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do..

party on.

lameness continues.Lauantai 26.11.2005 06:27

The gig was shit. Band played for one hour and 15 minutes. Every other band that I've seen at Finlandia-klubi has played at least for a hour and half. I understand that this was a promo-tour for CMX, but would have expected a little more respect towards the audience. Almost all the songs were from the new album and I would have expected a little more consideration on the encore songs. But life is. like that famous (?) finnish commercial says.. or something.

Your mother is.

Rock.Perjantai 25.11.2005 21:35

Dear Diary, tonight I'm going to go to CMX's gig to Sibeliustalo, gonna have some beers and hopefully fun. Will report of any significant events.

Flame on.

..Torstai 24.11.2005 23:57

three down and a plenty of more to go..

lameness.Torstai 24.11.2005 22:36

Opened a bottle of beer and I don't think that it's going to be last one tonight.

Scary thoughts.Torstai 24.11.2005 16:47

Now I'm officially bound to go to work on monday. Maybe today is the day to get drunk, dunno. Got so much people to do and things to see.. or something..

Decided that I'll continue on writing in english 'cause it's the language I mainly use anyway nowadays. Well at school anyway.

Went to get a cup of coffee with my sister today and had to listen her whining about her men problems or how she doesn't have any men to have problems with. We had a fascinating discussion about horoscopes though. She lives in that belief that horoscopes can tell u a lot from people. For example 'cause I'm a taurus, I'm supposed to stubborn and persistant. The stubborn-part I admit but on the other things I disagree mostly but agree that those rocks in the sky may have some influence on some peoples lifes.

For example I cannot sleep or at least sleep very badly when it's full moon. And when Venus or whatever planet was it that was near to Earth recently, I saw very very weird dreams and odd things came into my mind even when awake..

One example of these weird thoughts was when I was having a cigarette out on the balcony, there was some dude walking in the forest and the first thing that came in my mind was: "If I had a rifle, that dude wouldn't be walking anymore." Scary shit.

After that nice coffee talk I went on to look at some new clothes nut didn't exactly find anything interesting. Bought a couple of new t-shirts however, even though I propably can't afford them, but hey, life sucks and then u marry someone who doesn't.

over and out.

stress.Torstai 24.11.2005 00:49

Ok, I'm f*cking frustrated and pissed at the moment, as I didn't have enough stress already, I got a call from my previous boss who asked if I could work for the December. Well, being as stupid as I am, I of course promised him..

Then I started to look at the deadlines of my school works, and as it turned out, all of the assignments and course works are due of course before Christmas. Wonder why that little thing didn't pop in to my mind before I gracefully promised that I would gladly go to work.

So, beginning of next week, I'll be working in three shifts 40 hours a week and in addition to that will also attend school when ever it's possible.. so the days will comfortably long.. I'm just wondering that when will I get the chance to sleep at all..

But come to think of it, I really had no choice but to say yes to this work offer, one can't really make a living with 230 euros per month.

I decided that I would celebrate this happy feeling by getting totally wasted at home or something. The start of this great and noble task doesn't yet however look so promising, I've managed to drink two beers and one whisky in three hours..

And as I thought that I shouldn't be the only one suffering, I decided to write this blog in english, so enjoy.

Ps. one good thing, I'll have to go to school next time on next wednesday, so this minibreak came in just perfectly.