Excursion over and back to Finland.Torstai 27.04.2006 03:32

Finally back home from St. Petersburg. It was an awesome trip though the days were a bit long 'cause of all the lectures we had in the State Univerity of St Petersburg. Loved the Hermitage and all the other museums that I visited.

Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) was astonishing with all its palaces. Will write more about the places if I'll have time (probably not..) =).

All together, great trip, but it feels good to be home. Now to own bed to get some sleep. Cheers.

These seem to in fashion here.Perjantai 17.03.2006 21:18

In deviation to previous texts, this one's gonna be in Finnish, so enjoy or don't, I don't care. ;)

sinä, joka juuri luet tätä tekstiä ja tunnet minut (esim. omistat puhelinnumeroni, olet paras kaverini, olet joskus jutellut kanssani jne.) Miten tapasimme?
Minä muistan (ehkä!olen saattanut olla pikku hiprakassa kenties...) mutta muistatko sinä? Ole kiltti ja kommentoi että tiedän sinun muistelleen meidän kaveruuttamme :)
Sinä, joka kommentoit (tai luit tätä) kopioi tämä omalle sivullesi ja ylläty siitä, miten moni sinut muistaakaan!
I'm going to reveal five of my weird or odd habits/characteristics. After this I'll choose the next five persons who I will challenge to do the same in their own diary. They'll have to write these rules also to their own diaries. I'll link the challenged people to the end of this marking and will comment to their comment fields that they have been challenged and inform also about this marking.

1. Sometimes I make weird sounds (I suppose that everyone knows how Harri "Höylä" Soikkeli from Kummeli speaks.), especially when I'm tired or have too much energy.

2. When I'm leaving from home for more than a day, I worry that I've left something behind, although I've double-checked everything.

3. I speak to myself sometimes, especially when I've done something wrong.

4. I sometimes irritate people just for fun to see how they'll react.

5. I might do some things that don't seem so very clever afterwards, ie buy a stuffed toy bear from Tallinn.

The people I've chosen for to answer this challenge, are:

1. bulla-
2. kiQ-
3. Eeva-Reewa
4. _unska_
5. TheBoxer

Beautiful.Lauantai 04.02.2006 17:04

Sitting at my parents' kitchen. Watching the lake as the light of the sun reflects from the pure white snow and the trees covered with snow stand silently still. Couldn't be more beautiful.

been a while.Maanantai 23.01.2006 02:51

dear diary/blog/something.

Been very busy with the election campaign, but I'm not complaining, not at all. We have a great feeling about the coming election day and are pretty sure that a week from now, Finland has a new president. Finally.

that's all folks. for now.

Perfect day.Keskiviikko 11.01.2006 23:34

Slept late. Did some home assignments, went for a coffee with my friends and the most important thing: Got a summer job offer from Helsinki. Work would be in my own field of business, logistics and specifically in export. \o/

Had to get one beer and celebrate. :)

party on.

.Torstai 29.12.2005 00:31

Had to call the cops yesterday, 'cause some fucking idiots were shooting rockets at half past eleven in the evening and I was going to work at half past five.

Fucking New Year.

Great feeling, now sum sleep.

And now some quotes from the best British show ever:

"Putting up a tent is like making love to a beautiful women. First you've got to lay her out, put up your pole and slip into the old bag." (Swiss Tony)

"Director: Chip? Take five - we need to reset the wire.
Chip: Set meself on fire? Alright." (Chip Cobb, the deaf stuntman)

And to you that didn't know, the show's name is The Fast shoW.

All hail the carrots!

Am I getting old?Keskiviikko 21.12.2005 13:17

I remember when as a kid, Christmas was something that you'd wait for the whole year, or at least half a year, the other half you would wait for your birthday :)

Now there's three nights till Christmas and I still haven't got any sort of Christmas feeling, anxiety at most. Still haven't bought any of the few christmas presents I'm going to give, probably 'cause I don't have any money until paycheck comes on friday. It's going to be fuckin' hilarious to try to get all the presents bought in four hours, 'cause this week I have the evening shift from 14 to 22. Well, I don't think that there's going to be so many people in the city on the eve of Christmas eve.. (yeah, right).

Well anyway back to the subject, I don't know is it the commerciality or what that has taken away my christmas spirit. I just don't think that it's very reasonable to start selling and advertising christmas in the middle of June. Then after Christmas the sales begin and continue until June. It's a vicious circle. This is starting to sound a little hypocrite, but people have, including me also, forgot the meaning of christmas. Whether the true meaning is the pagan feast or the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The last paragraph was so hypocrite that I want to puke.

The point, before going hypocrite, was that when I was a kid, the Christmases were full of joy (probably 'cause of the presents), staying up so late that you wanted (a big thing to a 7-year old) and holiday from school. Nowadays it's full of stress and asphyxiation from all the commercials of wonderful new toys that will eat, drink and go to take a dump for you.
Merry Christmas indeed.

Squirrels are mean bastards.

odd.Sunnuntai 18.12.2005 22:23

It was quite odd to wake up before eight this morning. Can't remember when was the last time I've been up on a sunday morning before 10 o'clock.

1,5h work left, then some sleep.. It's been quite a long week, I've been working for 64 hours and been to school for about 40 hours. Luckily friday was the last lecture day before Christmas break.

Remember to cut the grass.

work.Perjantai 16.12.2005 22:56

going to work this night. been sleeping ~18 hours in the last five days. feeling quite tired.

at least I don't have any problems spending my free(?) time.

Sleeping is overrated.