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« Uudempi -
Staring at the top sheet,
listening to my hearth beat,
wondering how to say it.
Playing over one track,
wanting you to come back,
want to have you here.

Laying on a cold sheet,
jumping to a car seat,
driving to the river.
Nightlight is reflecting,
somehow im expecting
your voice in my ear

I wish that i could tell you
all the thigs that you do.

Come back 'cause im gonna be a lonely girl again
Come back 'cause im gonna be a lonely girl

Laying in the long road,
watching as the clouds pass,
hand held in silence.
Your arms right arround me,
feeling glad you found me,
feeling like im home.

Wish u would remember,
april to september,
wanting to be near me.
Racing for the sunrise,
staring into my eyes,
You and I alone.

Lay back in my own dream,
playback on a big screen,
You and me together.
Why give up a love found,
wish that i could write down,
what you mean to me.

Was it so wrong,
now you said you loved me.
Could it be so easy
just to walk away?

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