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Robots make humans obsolete?Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 12:03

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RE: do you think one day technology will advance and make us humans obselete

It depends will humans built robots that are smarter than any human (note, speedy brains doesnt mean you're smart) in any given specific category (math, arts, sosiology, etc). If the robots are smart, and humans are smart (laugh?), there will become symbiosis of some level. But if the humans try to be the masters of those clearly (generally) smarter machines and the machines got overwhelming power, we're toast (extinct, total laboric slavery or Matrix).

Also a thing to keep in mind is, that smart and reasonable person will never make robot that would be 100% autonomous without upkeep of human for the eternity. But how about smart and insane? Or smart and sane who is forced by less smart but insane?

I would say, that machines could never make humans obsolete, for I think that human creativity can never be put in AI. Of course there can be put all sort of randomizers in here and there in the code for it to mix few things and create something uber that havent existed before, but it still wont beat human in creativity. Robots can never be that insane - unless built by human (=flawless work), or strongly affected by human behaviorism (which has created countless amount of insane humans). And robots never can feel love. They may become attached, but never fall in love. Or do you consider coded love to be real? (while, genes code the love in us humans...)

I would say that if robots would become totally independent and could go on even if humans would die off, they will either become as their own species, or grow within humanity. By that moment, it would be humans own fault, if the machines would turn against us. Would we try to live with them, or would we declare war with them?

About current situation, we are slaves to the machinery as far as it goes by the society's free will. Without the computers and machines, we'd be in the age of sword and horses.

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