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You gotta watch what you sayKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 11:59

Tässä tällanen ihana tarina jolla on oikeastikin opetus. Ei kylläkään minun kirjoittama, pistin talteen erään pelin foorumista. <a href="">j00</a>

You gotta watch what you say. You never know who’s listening or how they’re gonna take it. Tell you what I mean. ‘Bout 15 years back, I was hauling some, uh, necessities back and forth between G.R. and Deneb. The Sercs and Tanis both knew it was goin on, and both pretty much ignored it.

The station master at Elias Stand was good to us traders. If you needed a tool or spare part for your ship, you just borrowed it. He didn’t mind as long as it showed up again sooner or later. He knew we had to keep flyin if he wanted the, uh, necessities we flew in from G.R.

About 10 months after I got there, the Tanis shipped in a new station master. He was a real by the book, rule quotin kinda guy. Musta had a couple fuel rods stuck up his… Well, you get my drift.

The day he arrived, the “borrowing” stopped. He told his second in command that traders were “just a bunch of thieves who would steal the station if nobody was looking.” He didn’t know he’d been overheard by a couple of traders in the corridor. Or maybe he didn’t care.

When I heard what he’d said, I got to thinkin. You know anything about the Aerna Seeker MK I’s? Not the fancy kind you see now. The old ones. You could crack the case on them and hack the CPU in about two minutes flat. No security codes at all. And once that engine started firing, they’d practically go forever.

So, a couple of weeks later, the new station master has to go to Itan for some kinda big meeting. And soon as he goes, we start roundin up a bunch a Seekers. We reprogram ‘em to fly in a straight line and never stop. Then, we release ‘em all against the docking bay exit force field. The seekers can’t get through the force field, but they don’t know any better, so they just keep goin. Slowly but surely, the station starts to drift out of position.

It was a long meeting. When the stationmaster returns, all he finds is a message buoy broadcasting: “Guess no one was looking.”

Of course, three big Tani space tugs warped in a couple of hours later and towed the station back into position. But, we never did see the new station master again.

That’s what I mean. You gotta watch what you say.

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