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waah! lisää HnG:n soundtrackia! 8 DD
tomadoi~ *tears of joy*

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np: Megumi Wakakusa - Hitotsu no kessoku

kuole~~n. jotain niin ylikaunista. ;;_;;

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FurubaSunnuntai 28.10.2007 22:39

Tajusin just, että yritän olla Furuban Touru.
"shiawase ni, shiawase ni!"

ömg!Perjantai 26.10.2007 21:21

Tajusin just, että siirryin FanFiction.netistä jaä kai NamesDatabasen kautta Kupoliin! 8D
Tulostin tuon alemman ficin ysiluokalla äikän tunnilla. Sitä enne olin joskus vuoden 04 loppupuolella alkanu kääntää Harry Potter and the Return to Reality -ficciä suomeks. Se on yläkerran koneella, eli en muista / oo varma, oonko kääntäny sitä vieläkään loppuun asti. (Lopetin kai joskus 05 keväällä.) Voisin jatkaa sitä hommaa! 8 DD
...tai vähintäänki parannella. Muistan selvästi, että siinä oli ainaki yks virke, jota en tajunnu.

One Last BreathPerjantai 26.10.2007 13:48

Author: Moonlight FLowers

They were coming. Harry felt a vision approaching his mind, and instead of pushing it away with his Occlumency, as he had these many months, he let it envelop him.

He stared up at the looming Hogwarts gates, surrounded by his followers. Then he laughed, a high pitchedlaugh that sent chills down the backs of the people closest to him. The sun was just rising, its rays pierching the darkness of the night.

Harry forced himself out wildly and glanced at his watch. It was 8:00 pm. This time tomorrow, he might be dead. He shook himself out of morbid thoughts and went to inform the Headmaster. He walked out of the common room, through the portrait hole, and down to the familiar gargoyles.

"Voldemort," he said calmly. The twin gargoyles sprang to life and Harry rushed up the revolving steps two at a time. He burst into the room, where Dumbledore sat at his desk. He looked up quickly.

"They're coming at Dawn," he simply said. Dumbledore nodded and swept out of the room. Harry's instructions were clear, given to him weeks ago. 'Notify all the 4th years and below, to hide in the dungeons. The 5th, 6th and 7th years have a choice on whether to fight with us, or hide with the rest.'

He touched the pendant on the gold chain around his neck, his new means of contacting the DA. "Meet in the Great Hall," he said into it.


Finally, the next morning arose. The younger students were safe in the dungeons, while all of the DA, the teachers, and a few other brave students stood in the dark, before the great castle so many of them now called their home. Silent, they all were. Waiting for the light. And the attack. They heard it: the high laughter floating toward them on the gentle breeze.

Harry stood with his friends surrounding him. This was it. The day he would live or die. Which did he prefer? If he died, he would be with his parents, Sirius, Seamus, and all the others that had died in this despicable war. But if he lived... he glanced around at the people around him, all wearing identical grim faces. He would stay with his friends.

Finally they appeared on the horizon. So many of them, in black cloaks that seemed as dark as the shadows following them. This is it. The final battle.


"Stupefy!" Harry shouted, taking down not one, but two Death Eaters. "Stupefy, Impedimenta! Stupefy!" He fought, constantly throwing spells, with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna and most surprisingly, Draco at his back. Harry and Draco had become fast friends after Voldemort killed his father. Draco realized which side would truly be best to alliance himself with.

He heard Luna drop with a scream. Harry checked on her. Dead. He felt the familiar rage grow inside him and he let it out, power spilling, throwing Death Eaters high up in the air. Most of them, when they landed, didn't get up again.


'If you wish' a little voice said inside his head.

The next thing he knew, all his friends were being thrown away from him, leaving him standing alone. Dust blew up into the air and he rose an arm to protect his eyes. When he looked out again, Voldemort stood ten yards away, grinning evilly.

"It finally comes to this," Voldemort said softly, yet Harry could hear him clearly admist the sounds of battle. "This is where you will die, Potter! Just like your weak parents."

"Shut up, Tom," snarled Harry. "You don't know anything about my parents. They were a hundred times better than you'll ever be."

"Well, let's duel and find out who the better one is."

They assumed ready positions. "The last time we dueled, I seem to recall having to teach you the etiquette of dueling. Bow, Harry. No? Then I guess I'll just have to do it for you." Voldemort raised his wand and Harry felt the pressure, telling him to lower his head. Shrugging, he threw off the curse.

"So you have learned something since our last meeting," Voldemort approved. "Excellent. Shall we start, then?"

They dueled, throwing curses at each other with a ferocity unchecked. "Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort shouted Harry yelled, "Expelliarmus!" at the same time. With a strange feeling of deja vu, the twin wands connected, turning the red and green lights a deep gold. Just like last time, figures started coming out of the wand. Surprisingly, there wasn't as much as Harry thought there would before his parents came out. 'I suppose he got others to do his dirty work for him' Harry thought vaguely, most of his concentration locked on keeping the wands connected, it being harder to do because of all the injuries he sustained earlier in the night. His mother and father immediately flew over to where Harry stood.

"Kill him this time," Lily Potter said quietly.

"And remeber us always," James added. He stared at his son with pride. "Also, remember, we always will love you."

Harry felt tears running down his face. "I love you too, mother, father." With thtat, he broke the connection, and all of the shadowy figures swept over to Voldemort, obscuring his vision. Harry stood there, calmly before he rose his wand and, remembering all the hurt Voldemort had inflicted, all the horror and pain he had felt his entire life, and spoke two unforgivable words:

"Avada Kedavra!"

Green light shot out of his wand and struck Voldemort squarely in the chest. He screamed and slowly dropped to the ground, resulting in a huge explosion. Harry was thrown off his feet and flew twenty yeards before landing heavily on his back. The Death Eaters, shocked at the death of their master, abandoned the battle and tried to flee, but all were caught by the surviving Aurors. Harry, however, remained where he landed, the life draining out of him because of all his injuries.

All of his friends ran to where he lay, some sobbing, some too shocked to move. Harry opened his eyes and saw Remus holding one hand and Hermione holding the other. Draco was staring at him, tears unchecked, while Ginny was bawling her eyes out. Neville was kneeling next to him. God, it hurt to breathe.

"Where's Luna... and Ron?" he gasped out.

"They died," Draco chocked out.

Harry closed his eyes and rested for a moment. "I'll be joining them soon."

"No! Don't talk like that Harry! Dean's gone to get a Healer."

"It's too late."

He managed to open his eyes again and moved his eyes over his group of tight-knit companions. "Thank you," he whispered. "Thank you for always being there for me. I'll... never... forget you..."

"No! Harry! NOOOOOOOOO!" And so it was, the Boy-Who-Lived died, surrounded by the ones he called his family And though they would all miss him, no one would forget the boy who sacrificed all to save them.

Harry James Potter.

A.N. This is my first Fanfic, so let me know what you think about it. Please R/R!!!

Tuo oli siis edellä mainittu ficci. Aivan mahtava, btw. Löysin sen joskus ysiluokan äikän tunnilla, luin läpi vajaassa vartissa ja tulostin. :3 Nyt sitä ei löydy enää mistään. ._.'

But why is the Potter boy gone...Perjantai 26.10.2007 04:33 my brain?

Aloin lukea sarjaa jo silloin, kun kai joskus toisella tai kolmannella luokalla olin sattunut lukemaan etukäteen äidinkielen kirjasta (ei oltu vielä siellä asti menossa) kuvan sen etukannesta ja lainasin sen kirjastosta, koska se tuntui niin tutun näköiseltä. En ollut kuullut siitä koskaan keneltäkään tai mistään muualta, eli innostuin aivan itsekseni. Tämän selitin siltä varalta, jos joku yrittäisi kutsua minua massaksi. D:

HP & DH a.k.a. HP7Perjantai 26.10.2007 03:56


ÄLKÄÄ LUKEKO, jos ette oo ite lukenu sitä. n_n

gaah. mie arvasin sen seittemännen horcruxin (äh, öö... hirnyrkin!) jo kutoskirjassa eli heti, ku sain vaa tietää koko jutuista. se oli oikeestaan hurjan selvää.
ja vähänkö oli inhottavaa, ku en ois saanu hihkuu ja huutaa sen kirjan tunnelman mukana, ku vierustoveri ei halunnu spoilaantua. ._.

Lily/Snape-juttua en sentään keksiny ainakaa paljoo enne ku se kerrottiin ite kirjassa. ajattelin siinä välissä jo, että yks kai ysi- tai kasiluokalla luettu ficci ois ollu ihan oikeessa siitä, miten se menee. ainoo puuttuva tärkee yksityiskohta oli, että horcruxit puuttu, koska niistä ei ollu kenelläkään sillo vielä tietoo. :] siinäkii evakuoitiin suurin osa tylypahkan oppilaista ja se lopputaistelu käytiin siinäki siellä. ainaki draco oli harryn puolella (luciuksesta en oo ihan varma) sen takia, mitä sen isälle oli tehty. *w* JA siinäkii harry sano vieläkii vaa "expelliarmus" eikä suinkaan "avada kedavra". tai näin ainaki muistelisin. saatto olla silleenki, että harry sano siinä avada kedavran, mutta joka tapauksessa sen lopussa molemmat kuoli. *w*/
luin sen fanfiction.netistä. n_n


en löydä sitä enää sieltä. ;_;
miulla on se jossain printattuna (yhen tai kahen kappaleen mittane), mutta missä~~
oih, nyt jo muistin! 8D se on sinisessä kansiossa, jos en oo sitä sieltä minnekään pistäny. toivottavasti en. ó.ò se oli niin valtavan ihana.

ihan ku se ois päättyny sanoihi "and so the boy who lived died."

Helsingin sarjakuvamessutPerjantai 19.10.2007 16:05

nööööyyy~ miks kaikki on perjantaina tai lauantaina? D: