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Evil story

Once upon a Evil time, there was an Evil world, in the Evil world there was an Evil state. In the Evil state there was an Evil town. In the Evil town there was an Evil high-school, in the Evil high-school there was an Evil math class.
In the Evil math class there was a pair of Evil desks. Behind the Evil desks there was sitting 2 Evil students on the Evil pair of chairs.
On the Evil desks there was 2 Evil math books, filled with Evil assignments. An Evil studen called Joonas said suddenly.
-Have no fear, God is hear!
An other Evil student, called Emmi saw the God, when Evil student called Joonas took him out from his Evil backpack.
Evil student called Emmi said.
-Buzz off!
-Poor God....
Said Evil student called Joonas sadly.

Emmi took Satan out from her Evil backpack.
-Satan, will you play with me? Asked Emmi
-Is it an Evil play?Asked Satan.
-Yes, very! Said Emmi.
-Okay then. Satan answered.

An Evil playtime between Emmi and Satan:

-Satan let’s have a teaparty!Emmi said.
-Is it an Evil teaparty?Satan asked.
-Yes. Emmi said to Satan.
-Would you like to have some tea Satan?
-Is it an Evil tea?
-Very Evil.
-Well, alright sugar!
-Do you want some milk in your tea Satan?
-Is it an Evil milk?
-From an Evil cow?
-And does the Evil cow live in a Evil barn?
-Is the Evil barn on a Evil Farm?
-Well yes.
-Is the owner of the Evil farm an Evil man?
-And does the Evil man have a Evil wife?
-Very Evil one.
-Good, I’ll have some then.
-Cookie? Emmi asked.
-Is it an Evil cookie?
-With Evil chocolate chips?
-Baked by an Evil baker?
-Of course.
-Okay, I can take one, see I’m on a Evil diet.
Joonas joins with Emmi and Satan, to Evil teaparty.
-Satan, how come you look like a calculator? Joonas asked.
-An Evil calculator. Satan grinned.
Without any worning, something Evil and black jumped under Satans Evil chair.
-What was it? Emmi wondered.
-It was my Evil poodle, come here muffin, come to uncle-Satan. There we are, you would like some Evil belly scratch, wouldn’t you.
-Oh, how cute and Evil it looks, what’s hes Evil name?. Said Joonas looking at the Evil, small black poodle.
-He’s name is....”TAPPAJA”(sana tappaja tulee lausua suomeksi ja murahtaen).

jos matikan tunnit jatkuvat yhtä hauskoina sokerihumalassa....
- Vanhemmat »