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Born as balance guardian.

Dancing dead.... but so young.Lauantai 29.04.2006 05:47

I saw two dreams. The first one was about an infant I had with someone. She already knows of this, so I needn´t say anything else about that here.

The other one was.... odd.

I remember many bits. The first memory is of a woman in black. Call her an action hero of sorts. Black thight outfit of leather or polyvinylcloride plastic. She knows something. This I can tell. We´ll get back to her later on.

I was in a squad of sorts. We had large automatic rifles and all around military equipment. We were in a very old house at night. Apparently in attempt to catch ghosts or spirits. We couldn´t see any at this point. We decided to use an elevator to get to a lower level.

In there we wandered for a moment. Then I came across a window on the floor from which i could see into a large room below. There were people there.... or at least so I assumed. But something was off. They were gloomy. They were spirits. They were dead.

The ghosts were young. Teenagers. They appeared to be playing a sort of a slow pair dance over and over again. They may have had been doing that for ages. Then we fell among them. There was total chaos. The spirits started running. I remember gunshots. Electricity bursts from what I can assume to have been devices designed to catch spirits. I should obviously point out that the spirits did not know, that they were dead. some of them actually even seemed human. As they weren´t as gloomy as the rest.

In this chaos I saw the woman in black, she stuck out of the chaos and caught my eye. I knew that se knew what was going on. She may not have been aware of *everything*, but she knew a lot. I could tell.

Then I pulled out a very humanlike female spirit from the chaos, and sat her down on the floor to calm down. We were In a safe spot then. It was my friend Tindomerel. I tried to explain to her that she was dead. She was sceptical. But I also knew I had seen her before somewhere in my dream memory and realised that she was different. She wasn´t hopelessly dead as the rest of the dancing spirits in the room. I remember thinking "She´s different, there´s two of her.", but I don´t know the significance of it. But I knew I had saved her.

I woke up.

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