Born as balance guardian.

Fuel The Black FiresPerjantai 20.11.2009 01:54

When the red skies turn dark
The day becomes a grim night
Black clouds having their walk
Fires burning down out all blight

In all your hearts I see fear
My sight conceals something
Soul once so kind and dear
Go in there, see everything

Out in the open we find hate
Your ears hearing a presence
Kind in life, twisted by fate
Will he ever reach the fence?

Feel the heat of the hidden limit
The wall holding the unknown
Wrath flowing where it sees fit
Inside, a feeling well grown.

The GuardianTiistai 06.10.2009 22:06

The land is only darkness
World of shade and black hate
Will it heal into greatness?
Look inside and see its fate.

Up there in the clouds of fire
And below the seas of pain
Shout out your dreams so dire
"Save" your soul from the rain.

"Us" is a word unknown here
And alone everyone dies
I´ll be the one to see a tear
Whisper and hear their cries.

"No" is the final cry I hear.
Legendojen mukaan vampyyrit kuolevat auringon valossa. Sen verran varmaankin tietää jokainen muutamaa vuotta vanhempi ihminen tässä valtiossa.

Jos näin, niin mitä tapahtuu jos vampyyri matkustaa avaruuteen tilaan jossa auringonvalo ei pääse koskemaan siihen, mutta jonkin muun tähden valo pääsee? Sanotaan vaikka että se olisi Siriuksen valon vaikutuspiirissä.

Ja jos vampyyri kuolee silloinkin, niin mikä on se valon vahvuuden määrä joka tappaa vampyyrin? Kuitenkin Maahan asti kantautuu jonkin verran muiden tähtien valoa jatkuvasti myös öisin. En oikein vakuutu selityksestä "valo jonka ihminen näkee", koska se tarkoittaisi että ihminen on luonut vampyyrilegendan, mikä määrittää sen auttamattomasti epätodeksi.

Questions in the darkTiistai 15.09.2009 07:53

I had just parked my car next to a hotel. I was confronted by a group of chinese men who guided me to go with them onto a small boat on a river.

I flashed back to an earlier event. I was in my room minding my own business. Then some of my female friends came into the room. It was somehow apparent that there was going to be a party. I was pleasantly surprised. After a short dialogue I went downstairs and there were something like 20 people there. The only downside was that there was no running water, but I don´t think it bothered us all that much. We had fun. Then a friend of one of my friends said that she wanted to talk with me about something. It had something to do with the friend we both knew. The overall feel of the situation was very pleasant.

Then someone was asking questions about my evening, the people there and my relationship and feelings toward those people. Casual stuff. It wasn´t an interrogation, the voice was simply asking questions and I answered smiling with my eyes closed. I noticed that I was lying on my stomach. I was still answering a question when I opened my eyes... I was floating on a wooden platform on the river. I looked to my right to see who was talking to me, asking all those casual questions. What I saw was blood, and two bloody stumps where I would have expected to see arms. Someone had cut off the man´s arms from the shoulders but still somehow he was hanging on a wall. He was covered in blood and shaking. He still managed to ask me a question about my relationships but I couldn´t answer anymore. I started to get the feeling that he was trying to sooth me with all those questions.

I looked behind me and moved my legs. A chunk of flesh fell into the water. I think it was a human torso. Or what was left of one. I couldn´t pay much attention to it because I noticed to my horror that my legs had been cut off. The other from the ankle and the other from the knee. I didn´t scream. I simply looked around in shock. There was an uzi next to me on a railing. I picked it up. I wasn´t sure whether it was empty or if there was still one bullet in there.

I couldn´t feel anything anymore.

Then I woke up.

Thoughts about light and warmthKeskiviikko 26.08.2009 02:35

So let´s imagine a galaxy.

In this galaxy there are many solar systems with all their little details. Comets are flying here and there and if you get lucky you might even find some scrap metal from satellites and spaceships floating around.

I want to concentrate on stars and on the planets that are gravitationally bound to them. Let´s say that a solar system has for example three planets. The one closest to the star gets the most light and warmth. The ones further away get less. Logical enough.

Here´s a thought : Is the planet closest to the star content with its position or does it try to get closer? When will it feel satisfied and think that it is the only one of importance in that solar system? Will it ever feel that way and will it ever be sovereignly more significant than the others? Problem being that, if it gets too close to the star, it will become completely void of life and finally the entire planet will suffer a fairly agonizing death.

What about solar systems of a much larger scale? Let´s say that the amount of planets is twelve. What is the value of the eleventh planet? There is unlikely any life on its surface and even its core is fairly cold compared to most other planets. Asteroids maul its surface every now and again and it can barely see and not really feel the star´s presence.

In a large system, which of the planets is the most content with its own existence? What should the planets try to do, as their life force is aligned to the star which is also the cancer that is destined to one day either destroy them or leave them in eternal cold darkness? If the planets always hope for a better... warmer place for themselves and in a way "own" the star... and they will at least burn badly while trying to get close... what do they achieve in the end?

If life could be supported by the planets themselves, rendering the stars slighlty less significant for the existence of life... would the planets be better off supporting it by themselves in darkness?

A dream of beastsTorstai 13.08.2009 00:06

In the beginning I was driving to somewhere. It was winter. I stopped next to the road near some house and got out. Some of my acquaintances from a time long gone were there. I´m not exactly sure how many of them there were... possibly near ten. I think they were complimenting me... it was something about my car or my ability to drive.

Then the world changed.

Suddenly we were in a strange ocean-like pool with a strong glass wall on one side and endless ocean everywhere else. There was a strange war going on, with robot-like machines mauling and shooting at each other. We were floating in the water. I felt like we were supposed to collaborate to the war-effort. I dove into the water and it was crawling with huge bloodthirsty sharks and manta rays. The beasts were anything between ten and twenty meters long. I got up from the water onto a floating metal deck that resembled the deck of an aircraft carrier. I ran through it and dove back into the water. The sharks tried to eat me with with speedy efforts. Everytime they got close the world fell silent. The only sound in the world was the weird chomp sound that their jaws made when they stormed past me and tried to catch me with their teeth. I dodged them for a while down there. Finally I got up again and threw something to the glass wall and to my surprise the wall cracked. I pulled two people with me from the water and through the hole.

The world changed again.

I was infiltrating a place of some sort by sneaking through forests and grasslands with a couple of companions. We were crawling through long grass when I hit a wire and it triggered the alarm. Two attack dogs came running at us barking as attack dogs usually do. They turned out to be quite small but still looked like they wanted to bite my legs. I stood next to a small well of lava. I had my back turned against the dogs. I sensed somehow that one of them was going for my leg. I moved slightly and the pooch ran straight past me into the well. A few seconds later the same happened with the other dog. When they hit the lava, they didn´t burn. They sort of... drowned into it, while not moving a muscle or making a sound of any kind. I silently watched them sink into oblivion.

I woke up.

This what your mind produces after Poe.Lauantai 01.08.2009 04:09

Childé : Show me your agony and I will show you anger. After my anger your agony will be a part of the winds that try to be something poetic. Denying your stench, which plagues the lands of this world.

According to the x-ing of the Paragrab : Xix you fools. Your xxistxncx is xxmxaning to thx human racx. Xix anx rix thx lanx of xarknxss.

Look out for the horses. Their eyes show hate when you´re not looking.

Adressi YLEn mediamaksua vastaan.Perjantai 24.04.2009 19:39

Jos *et* halua osallistua YLE:n toimitusjohtaja Mikael Jungnerin luksuselämän rahoittamiseen, allekirjoita.


Kun idea tuntuu jäävän vähän epäselväksi : On totta että tuleva maksu olisi pienempi kuin nykyinen tv-lupamaksu, mutta mediamaksun joutuisi maksamaan *kaikki* vaikka et omistaisi televisiota, radiota, tietokonetta tai edes kuulo- ja/tai näköaistia. Ja maksun määrä on sama riippumatta siitä oletko rikas vai täysin rahaton.
Tapahtui siis näin Kuhmossa :

"Salama iski taloon - naapuri luuli Nato-iskun alkaneen

- Taivas ihan säkenöi. Joku sanoi, että kylläpä ne lyövät kaikki maihin asti, vt. palomestari Kari Kähkönen muistelee.

Samaan aikaan Heikkisten lähinaapuri Kauko Tolonen istui pirtissään Hukkajärventiellä. Hän oli maistelemassa oluita, kun jysähti kaksi kertaa.

Toloselle tuli mieleen puolustusministeri Jyri Häkämiehen Venäjä-puhe.

- Ajattelin, että nuoko ne rupesivat Naton koneet jyskämään. Että nytkö se rähinä alkoi, kun edellisestä on yli 60 vuotta. Silloin jäivät lehmätkin navettaan, kun äitimuori lähti evakkoon Hukkajärven perukalta, Tolonen kertaa."

Ei hyvää päivää oikeesti...

Change of equilibriumTiistai 11.11.2008 04:11

When clouds gather round
They float lighter than air
Seemingly not bound
All lingering with no care

Windstorms may come and go
Scrambling their vast ranks
They laugh at the ground below
Grinning at rocks and riverbanks

The wind plays its game out
Isolating some out there
They look inside in doubt
Turning darker from nowhere

Finding refuge in themselves
Keeping to their own centers
Weight breaking their shelves
They rain down on shelters

Looking up, looking down
The laughing becomes sore
Unable even to frown
They are floating no more