Born as balance guardian.

I can drive and it´s all in vain.Lauantai 31.12.2005 02:46

On thursday I got myself a permit to drive a car. I can honestly say that I do feel relieved, but not particurally excited or even happy. Now with a car I can move around more freely.... to do what? To go to concerts that last to the middle of the night and get myself back home. And what if I in the ned don´t really enjoy going to concerts? What if the few times that I´ve been in such events are because someone has dragged me there or I have simply felt so lonely that I could a social environment for a change? And when the social environment turns on me for no reason at all, what will I learn? To stay away from people for a little while. But as humans are made to be somewhat social, I will always feel compelled to go back among the people. But I´m getting ahead of myself. What other possible uses do I have for a car? As public transports cost about the same amount of money, that the gas would cost. Well at least it´s done now, and some people will get off my back.

Once again I feel alone in the same way which I felt before the November 19th. After that I could feel that I was some social good to someone. Not anymore. Once again I´m out of everybody´s sight, when not needed.

Interesting....Tiistai 27.12.2005 06:43

I watched a candle die tonight. It was quite pleasing to see what actually happens to it when it dies.... the root sort of melts a bit so the heart starts to wither like a dying leaf in the northern wind. And then the heart starts to bend. Swallowing the base of the small flame and eventually suffocating it. When the last ray of light dies, there´s five seconds of complete darkness. Then you see the rest of the world again. The difference between that and death is that the rest of the world doesn´t come back when you die.

Other thing that I happened to notice was that the world is apparently so thoroughly consumed by bitterness and selfishness that people see deception in honesty, and respond to benevolence and selfesness with accusations and insults.... It´s kind of a sad fact. My faith in showing empathy is fading once again. It doesn´t pay apparently.

The happy people out thereLauantai 24.12.2005 04:36

It´s a time of joy
For the people there
Banished like a toy
I can see nowhere

I watch them smile
While all I can do
Is walk the sad mile
Until I meet my doom

I hear them laugh
And I simply can´t join
I kneel and cough
Cold even in my loin

I feel completely nothing
Not even sadness or hate
In my mind only the thing
Being far, sealing my fate

Welcome to my cold life
Aeons of pain, loneliness
All things stay far and safe
Here is me, a sad mess

I´ve seen the light leave
Beheld a bird´s last fly
I sometimes fall to grieve
While seeing all hope die.

It´s christmas.Lauantai 24.12.2005 04:02

Well what do you know, I survived to see another christmas. If you ask me, the entire holiday ought to be defenestrated. But then again that´s just me. Everyone have a good time and a few laughs at least and feel the magic of christmas if you will. I know I won´t. Have your fun without me. I´ll just burrow myself into a crevasse of sorts and try to outlive this holiday. Merry christmas from all of us to all of you.

Let´s make things cryptic. Torstai 22.12.2005 02:19

Today I could say I had a good day. Propably the best of days since my soul vanished into the abyss of pain and woe. I haven´t found it yet and I don´t wish to. I don´t need it. And I´m not saying I´m in pain or even confused. Experience has simply molded me to my current form. And I wish not to change that. I want to be alone, not lonely. That is, if I had to choose one from those two. But for the first time in a time that feels like spending an eternity in a hurricane´s motionless eye, I felt the one thing for a while which I have been without. I could propably name an ocean of people who wouldn´t see that as much, but I do. They say that one can appreciate life only when they really have feared death. To put it in a more usable form to this case : People are thankful of life when they are close to losing it or have lost it for a while (so to speak). The same can apply for this. I´ve tried my best to build a nation from walls around me in order to block myself from social actions anything stronger than dialogue. I have realised that my fight is in vain, and in the end even unhealthy. There´s no need to stop breathing fresh air and living a somewhat satisfying life as long as I remain loyal to my word. My thanks to Galadriel for this. She has a way of putting things to perspective.

Cold.Sunnuntai 18.12.2005 21:07

Hahaa! Tuplad´s mother said today that my make-up looks better than his. Am I proud of myself today or what?

Damn it´s cold out there.... it´s beautiful and all when the world is covered in snow, but it doesn´t feel too nice when my bone marrow starts to die of frost. Anyone care to take pity of an old and cracking soul that withers in the cold?

Complete MeLauantai 17.12.2005 23:53

Hear my soul crack
See my spirit die
Feel my frozen back
Know that I must fly

Don´t ever let me thaw
Keep my body frozen
Eat my organs raw
It´s me you´ve chosen

Drain me of my blood
Make me a rotting corpse
Unexistant like God
Without strength or force

When there´s nothing more
But a dry cracking mass
In the crevasse of gore
Forget and make me pass.

SightlessTorstai 15.12.2005 02:45

In the dark sky
I see a distant star
No bird can fly
That high, that far

It blinks in the dark
A lonely dying candle
As if making a mark
To which I must handle

Then the clouds come
And the star dies
Leaving me on the run
Can´t see my skies.

Obviously I´ve had a.... disresourceful day. And a biology exam tommorrow and I´m still not sleeping. Self destructive, anyone? Or plain foolish? Well at least at this point of my life I can feel that my existence makes some difference for the better. And grow my confidence in my empathy that way. My thanks to Galadriel for that.

Hope. Stay gone.Tiistai 13.12.2005 02:19

The cold thing there
What to call it now
Can´t even see where
To place my last vow

What could it be?
The name which I seek
Somewhere from thee
And the world so bleak

You remind me of one
That I once used to feel
Luckily my hope is done
And I can no longer kneel.

My apologies on the vanishment.Perjantai 09.12.2005 19:53

Yesterday I could once again feel myself useful as I got to keep company to Galadriel on the way to Morticia and back. Returning to the tunnel you found other company. Consequently I left to do some shopping with an aquiantance I rarely see nowadays. Afterwards I truly assumed that I had lived out my purpose for the day. So I´m deeply sorry for vanishing like that. I hope you can forgive that....