Born as balance guardian.


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On the long runTiistai 06.12.2005 20:51

I´m wasting my days
As I see nothing but one
Died in so many ways
I´m often simply done

I keep looking north
For a glimpse or a ray
Of light moving forth
Telling me here to stay

My redemption in a day
Far away from this
Or should it be today
Can I wait for bliss?

Virgo´s obscured worldPerjantai 02.12.2005 00:03

By the black flame
I linger in the night
Not playing the game
Searching for a light

This is my cold hell
Dark without sound
No ring of the bell
Forever am I bound?

My days die short
The sun never rises
I can´t reach a port
Thought only teases.

For a change, I still felt wanted today. Of that I should thank VarjonUni, Galadriel, tuplad and all the other creatures of the dark city of today. I owe you all something for salvaging my day. Thank you.

Somewhat more frozen than beforeTiistai 29.11.2005 00:51

I had a very long day and made a rainy journey all the way to the capital. And from all the people, precisely those two had to be there before (or technically below) my eyes. How very convenient.

Something caught my eye that cracked my walls and froze me a bit more. Hopefully for the last time. I´m kind of tired of feeling obsoelete pain. Ruins of the past haunt me every once in a while. I´m quite sick of it. People say that hope springs eternal. They´d better be right.

Other than that my day consisted of driving in the darkness. I was so tired I could´ve fallen asleep at any moment. But to my regret I have to state that I didn´t fall into the dreamworld and didn´t hit an unexptecting tree. Consequently this means that you´ll have to bear a world with one of my kind in it a little longer.
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