#lljkSunnuntai 18.05.2008 04:59

[1:47:26] <smugowns> yesterday i thinik i pissed a record number of people off
[1:47:57] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> what did you do
[1:48:43] <smugowns> dropped acid at like 1am when i had work the next day, at 7am i found the guy who's hjouse i was staying at was moving out so i decided to help him instead of going to work
[1:48:55] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> ah
[1:49:03] <smugowns> but instead of helpimng them move out i drank all their beer and got really high and vomited on my friends gloves which i stole and their house
[1:49:17] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> stylish
[1:49:30] <smugowns> then ditched all my vomited on stuff on their kitchen table and snuck out
[1:50:06] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> yeah you kinda seem like a prick now
[1:50:30] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> do all australians vomit on the possessions of others
[1:50:39] <smugowns> but on the plus side i managed to sleep for 21 hours solid after i got home
[1:51:18] <smugowns> even worse it was one glove from one friend and another from another friend and i vomited on them both
[1:51:40] <smugowns> i pretty much managed to make every person i came in contact with that whole day like me a bit less
[1:54:16] <smugowns> okay and juts then my sister opened my door and started throwing shit at me and yelling about how i didnt take the dog out for a walk or somehting
[1:54:29] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> why the fuck didn't you, dogs are awesome
[1:54:39] <[butt]EpsilonPlus> i wish i could walk our dougs, but they're old and hate leashes
[1:54:47] <smugowns> i vaugely remember her waking me up and asking me to do it at like 1am
[1:55:03] <smugowns> which was pretty unreasonable imo and i also couldnt have walked at all if i tried
[1:58:02] <smugowns> i also spent all morning lighting fires in shopping trolleys while people were trying to walk their dogs around an oval
[1:58:09] <smugowns> and we were jusyt pushing flaming trolleys around
[1:58:22] <smugowns> those people might have gotten pissed off as well i think i did a really bad job yestreday at everything

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