[16:03:14] [Legenda`]: word
[16:03:35] [Legenda`]: tuolta kolosta tulee koko ajan jotain skeidaa ja mä syön sen
[16:03:44] [Legenda`]: pystyisinköhän elättämään itteni sillä?? emt

fuck having to take a shit at workMaanantai 22.10.2007 23:49

I really hate having to shit when I'm not home and have no way of getting back there. Public restrooms are the worst but I can't even think about using the toilet at my work without puking because there is a fucking giant obese man that works here and I'm pretty sure his asshole alone is bigger than the seat on the bowl. I have seen him go in and out of that bathroom and it ruined the whole thing for me. I don't want to sit down on something that has touched the insides of a unbearably fat beast-man's anus.

ANOTHER ONEKeskiviikko 11.07.2007 04:23

So you're working out and getting buff so you are strong to do what?

"Getting women" as if they are objects to do what? Fuck them and forget about it? Some life. "Getting women" improves your social status amongst those who hi-five people for being "playa"s. Who gives a damn about being more social amongst those vapid wastes of food and employment?

Video games are a great way to have fun, and enjoy things that are availible to you in life. Not only this, but the making of a game is an art form - by playing through, say, an RPG, you are treated to a grand story that is just overwhelmingly more fufilling than going out, fucking some chick, hi-fiving yourself and calling it a night.

A normal day in my lifeKeskiviikko 11.07.2007 03:10

Once when I was about 10 years old my brother was having a bath and I decided to play a little trick on him. That is, I was going to sneak up on him and fart on his face while he was having a quiet soak in the tub.

Fast forward 30 seconds, and I had my bare ass next to his face. His eyes were closed, this was my chance. I tried my best to blast out a steady stream of gas but I accidentally squirted some liquid shit, followed by a number of solid chunks, onto his cheek and into his ear. It was funny because he didn't really know what happened for a second, then he touched his ear and smelled his hand and freaked the fuck out.

??? emt!!Torstai 14.06.2007 14:57

[11:44:18] [Legenda`]: mieleenpainuvin uni oli kyllä aikoinaan se, kun kävin metsähallituksen salaisessa natsivuoristotukikohdassa jossa suunniteltiin legoja

sup internetMaanantai 30.04.2007 03:47

Well, there was the time I started jerking off into a sock to see how long it would take before it could stand up under its own strength. It took just over a year and a month, averaging twice a day. This thing smelled of death incarnate. It smelled of shattered dreams. It was the kind of smell you think of when you think of the phrase "cargo container of dead kittens in Phoenix, AZ, in July." I kept it inside a plastic ziploc, inside another one, under my mattress, and you could still smell it. It got to the point where even I didn't want to bust a nut in it anymore, but in the name of science I persevered until it finally stood tall, stiff, and proud, as a stark and telling statement about my marital status.

Hobo poetry pt. 2Tiistai 23.01.2007 19:54

Rakkaus, jonka minulle annat.........

On kuin ylöspäin iskevä veden aalto.................

Joka syntyy pökäleen iskeytyessä vessanpönttöön

Hobo poetry pt. 1Torstai 11.01.2007 18:30


Se on pirstaileina..

Auton alla..


Lauantai 13.5.2006Sunnuntai 14.05.2006 00:24

Lege says:
kuvittele Nevadan aavikko
Lege says:
ja kuvittele sinne aasi
Lege says:
ja kuvittele mut ratsastamaan sitä aasia
Lege says:
sit kuvittele mun toiseen käteen banjo joka on tulessa
Lege says:
ja sit kuvittele mun toiseen käteen liekinheitin jolla mä käristän maasta nousevia zombeja jotka on myös tulessa
Lege says:
ja sit kuvittele mun päähän sombrero joka on ilmiliekeissä
Lege says:
niin ja sit se aasikin on tulessa

#levi04/05Lauantai 11.03.2006 04:59

[02:58:45] [@Legenda`]: miltä kuulostaa "Prätkähiiret - Juustometsurit.avi"
[02:58:49] [@Legenda`]: mäpä kerron miltä se kuulostaa
[02:58:55] [@Legenda`]: se kuulostaa HYVÄLTÄ