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life :
day after day - foreign country , 'other' ppl - sometimes friendly, sometimes strange - well - its always like this - the trouble of language and gestures - cant understand it all, but need to - cos i am a human - biosocial being - need others to share smth.....why are ppl so social ? why i need to share my thoughts , joy, sorow and all the things that life gives away?.....

i used to be free and now caught into the heart-shaped box - happens - buti am just sure that i will get it, play with it it and throw away - almost as always- and thats really stupid and depressing - do u know how to help?

....dont want to make the god and then let it fall.................

а cвою любовь я собственноручно освободил от дальнейших неизбежных огорчений....

let me live MY life............


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