no school today again
and tomorrow too
just stucking into the computer wasting the time till others come home

usual sh*t, when i have a lot of time just to waste i feel too active:S
noooooooooooooothing to do in the morning, and i cant sleep more than 6 hours:S......

music helps
shower helps
computer helps

but soo booooooooooooring anyway
need my friends to waste time together - and everyone is studying half of the day
hate waiting
dont know what i want
but i know how to get it
do i know it today?
i guess so
time time time
f**k it all:P:D:D:D

waiting for news is also sh*t, i will get one very important today, but surprisingly it doesnt bother me anyhow today - so maybe that thing was not so important?
have fun


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