Mikko's philosophy of life is that he might die at any moment. The tragedy, he said, was that he didn't.

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Last Way Out

God, take this pain away from me
kill this pain inside of me
let me once just fall asleep
let me fade away

Lost my way along the line
seems my life has lost the shine
pain has taken over me
i cant get out

God, Can you please reach out for me
can you heal this hole in me
i want to feel the joy of life
before i fade away

From the depths i call you now
it seems that i am just too far
for anyone to hear my cries
i cant get out

God, can you please reach out for me
can you heal this hole in me
i need to fill this emptines
before i fade away

See the pain in my eyes
The hurt in thease cries
i know i am done
i reach for my gun
then say last goodbyes
and just close my eyes
Blood paints the wall red
this poor man is dead

I just got to go away
got to get away
gonna run away from this pain
i have fighted for too long
gotta move along
gonna end my pointles strugle

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