[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 26.11.2007 11:05

So I stand with a dead smile on my face
Wondering how much of my time they'll waste
Oh God I hate these Satan's helpers

And then I guess I must have snapped
Because I grabbed a baseball bat
And made them all run for shelter

ja kouluu-->

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 19.10.2007 16:32

when murder is justice the martyrs are made,
the one gun salute for the new intependence day jee

ok.Perjantai 12.10.2007 02:15

Mya. sanoo:
ens kerral puhut pippeleistä meidän kans

wellMaanantai 08.10.2007 23:34

We ate some brownies and my wife got overdose. I think we`re dead.

jee.Lauantai 29.09.2007 12:59

paska perjantai. ei vettä. tänää häät. mahdollisesti vettä. tomorrow? ankarasti vettä!