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Which Organization XIII character R U?Perjantai 21.12.2007 16:25

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You scored as a Axel
You are member number VIII, Axel. You have a very short temper and are rather rebellious. You lost your best friend and grasp desperately for Sora to remember the bond you and Roxas had.
( Axel 94%, Xaldin 94%, Roxas 81%, Xemnas 75%, Zexion 75%, Marluxia 69%, Demyx 63%, Lexaeus 63%, Xigbar 56%, Larxene 50%, Saix 50%, Vexen 44%, Luxord 38%)


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??? Shadow Walking Tactician


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You are... Xigbar. Now I can call you the Freeshooter. Ahaha. Anyways, you're second in charge, that's a nice spot isn't it? You have some fancy tricks up your sleeves and you're a powerful person.


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Squall Leonhart
You are Squall Leonhart! The main character in Final Fantasy 8. Keeping a somewhat quiet profile, this expressionless and distant teenager devotes his future development in Balamb. Though his ambition isn't shortsided, his team spirit is very much lacking. Equipped with a gunblade, a combined sword and gun, and eager to join the elite military organization known as SeeD, Squall is thrown into the mysterious conspiracy of rivalry in a world soon to be plaqued by chaos.You are a lonewolf who doesn't really get along with others, but your strong heart will take you places no one else could.

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