bloodKeskiviikko 08.08.2007 23:58

I'm just an ordinary decent girl.
I don't try to arouse attention.
Would you have noticed me if i wouldn't come here, in front of you?
I've always thought that the best way to live in peace, is to be transapernt as a galss, to be colourless and odourless; so that people look through, and see those who are behind me; as if i did not be there at all.
It's very hard to be transapernt; it's a big task; it's an old daydream, an acient daydream.
I'm not a hero.
Heros are crimanals.
There's no hero whos clothes haven't touched blood, and blood is the one thing in the world that's not going to be unnoticed.
It's the worlds most apparent thing.

When everything will be destroyed and the end of the world is comeing, there will be only one thing left, the bloody clothes of the hero.

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