all work and no play makes Ykä a dull boy.Keskiviikko 14.12.2005 02:56

Last week of school before Christmas break. Luckily. Almost all that I've done during this past two weeks is work,school,schoolworks and a hell of a little sleep.

Atm also at work and tomorrow will have school from 8 to 17. So there's no reason to go sleep after work 'cause there would be only 2 hours of time, and because I'm having my bathroom renovated at the moment, I'm living at my parents. There's about 30km to their house, so the drive there and back to school would last one hour.

I'm glad though that the renovation is moving along quite fast and with some luck I'll be able to move back home during next week.

Work and you will hopefully get your prize in the end.

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