I'm going to reveal five of my weird or odd habits/characteristics. After this I'll choose the next five persons who I will challenge to do the same in their own diary. They'll have to write these rules also to their own diaries. I'll link the challenged people to the end of this marking and will comment to their comment fields that they have been challenged and inform also about this marking.

1. Sometimes I make weird sounds (I suppose that everyone knows how Harri "Höylä" Soikkeli from Kummeli speaks.), especially when I'm tired or have too much energy.

2. When I'm leaving from home for more than a day, I worry that I've left something behind, although I've double-checked everything.

3. I speak to myself sometimes, especially when I've done something wrong.

4. I sometimes irritate people just for fun to see how they'll react.

5. I might do some things that don't seem so very clever afterwards, ie buy a stuffed toy bear from Tallinn.

The people I've chosen for to answer this challenge, are:

1. bulla-
2. kiQ-
3. Eeva-Reewa
4. _unska_
5. TheBoxer

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