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but all I care about is music... music...Perjantai 12.06.2015 09:21

"Hi all!
I know it´s unfair. It´s uncool not to tell whats going on. Time has passed. A lot. No album, no news.
Well, things didnt go as we expected. It´s a sum of many unfortunate things and the result is : The full album did not see its daylight. Unfortunately. Theres no drama or bad blood between the Cvalda members, nothing like that. All of the members are active musicians and has been working their own music projects and bands all the time and the work still goes on.
But Cvalda as a band is now on hold position. Maybe we finish the album together some day ,maybe not. Don´t know. So, now you know.
Anyway, some good news also of course. Personally I´ve been busy what comes to music. I was asked to be part of a unique project band that is totally something extraordinary. A once in a lifetime stuff. Im going to tell more from it very soon. It is going to be amazing and Im very exited that i got chance to be part of that. I also have other musical projects that im going to announce when the time is right. So, now you know that too.
Meanwhile you can enjoy the music that other Cvalda members are creating, since every single one of us are doing music all the time.
So be tuned to hear the news . Hmm, Did I leave this little bit open??, yes I did . Because I wont close any door, since I only have this moment. No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Im just that kind of person.
All the best to all beauties and beasts. You will hear from me and us. That I can promise.

Sincerely, Juha K"

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