From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....

stuffMaanantai 26.11.2007 10:06

Sergio: have a nice trip, young boy. dont worry too much about life, the experiences will come to you, just have to stand tall be confident. Some people might have more experiences than you do, so what? It's their lives, they might fall early as well. Young Chris, i think you will do good.
Me: Oh My God.
Sergio: Nice to meet you
Me: Same here.
Uncle: Stand firm, be smart which you already are, and just make all kinds of connections with people you like/ dislike, they will teach you a lot, no matter good or bad.
Aunt: Come back again like last spring break, we love to have you around.
Me: (tears all over my face)

Someday, i will go discover the rest of our family members, also the ones that are still in the Middle East. When i find those people, i will interview them, get to know them, then i will feel proud.
I am the 27th generation of the Lih family.

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