From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 27.12.2007 23:32

and shit! Benazir Bhutto is assassinated !

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 27.12.2007 23:31

ahhh fuck, head hurts again

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 27.12.2007 23:25

maybe i am not much of a person with any particular opinions, but i still know what is right and what is wrong. and i will follow those rules

Merry Christmas to you all, belated.Torstai 27.12.2007 23:13

This christmas flew by for me, nothing particular interesting, it's just flying to D.C. to visit some other scholar- relatives.
My families are all scholars, crazy.
Washington D.C. , pretty cool place, certainly i wanna be back to visit again in the future.
The house i am living in with my relatives is like suprer big, i am not used to it, i am a bit scared at first since there's even an elevator within the house, oh geez.
Recently, i have been working on some pratice so i can keep my memory in stock, kind of failed though :P
Also, i have been running a lot still, my face was frozen the other day, icy face!

Since this is still the christmas season, and we are suppose to be honest, i still miss you
The FA could have spent less, they did not have to hire the legendary son of a bitch iron hard man- FABIO CAPELLO.

"O! mamamia!" Is surely my reaction with the English FA's choice, but they even paid a shit load of their POUNDS to the famous Swede- Sven Göran Eriksson whom made English people FELT PROUD for quite a few years. (Remember this, they even beat Germany in the recent time but they never beat Luis Felip3 Scolari's PORTUGAL and Lars Lagerbäck's SWEDEN ).

Let's just be wise and think about the news we have heard/ seen/ read/ discussed about the English football, just like Arsene Wenger mentioned before England does have some quality managers, it is just those big stars and thier WAGS are too annoying and of course the lovely English media. The English media stirs all the good stuff together to talk about, first they praised Sven, then they cursed Sven and protected the inmature not so young anymore English talent, Wayne Rooney. Like Sir Alex Ferguson (why even add the title Sir? he didn't even meet all the requirements. ) mentioned before, the England job is going to be extremely difficult, especially at this stage of England's Golden Generation... In the whilst of FEAR (Too much of it around the team. Moronic fans boo their own players. Does your large, new contract include danger money, Fabio? ),
England (let us all bow down to you, Signor Capello! Make the English people fell proud again! No matter what country you are from! ), JAMES(Yes, David James. He is probably the most reliable keeper England got nowadays other than the retarded Paul Robinson, and the newbie Scott Carson.), Lampard and Gerrard cannot play together in the famous 4- 4- 2, Terry (John Terry goes to the referee everytime when there is something happened, like he is the MASSIVE BIG DEAL.), Beckham (David Beckham is still useful to you Capello! At least he helped you to win the Spanish La liga title... ), no variety formations allowed ( think about the matches England had against Croatia 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, and they lost all, SMART JOB. ).

Anything else? Of course, just listen to Zola everytime when he smiles, just follow his directs- he will get you something lol. The youngsters: Walcott, Bentley, Downing, Young, Agbonlahor- they are not finished like the old gissers but surely they will be the FUTURE for ENGLAND.
Strikers, ummmmm, you what? England got strikers? Wow, that is like you are saying Michael Jackson does not like children... nah. Yeah England got strikers, but thye got to be fit (Michael Owen and Dean Ashton for instances). Peter Crouch, the tall chap who does not even get enough games from my beloved Liverpool, oh please Rafa! Be wise!

I know i did not mention Rooney, oh well, he needs to be more mature- thats all.
For the defence, ummm, Michael Richards is a good choice but the fella loves to get hurt so much it's like "wow! Is this your obssesion??__??". And Gary Neville now is the alternative choice, but mind you, that fella injures much as well as Richards and he loves to bark in front of the referee- CARDS MIGHT BE FLYING AROUND.

1: 0 for the score. Italians are masters of it. Such is the trauma created by Steve McClaren's mediocrity, we will take a win however it comes. But a clean sheet for England? Fabio, have you seen our goalkeepers (see DAVID JAMES!)?

Home. Wembley is a magnificent venue, shame about the team. So far, England's record on their own patch is not great. Germany won there, so did Croatia. Brazil drew and there have been wins against Estonia, Israel and Russia. Remember, an Englishman's home is his castle. Er . . .

In the whilst of these storms, we need to think for the young children as well... like in the Daily Mail said, Big Sam Allardyce slamed the FA for spending much money on the famous Fabio but have forgotten to splash cash for the grassroots football... sigh. Capello is reported to be on £6m a year - over four years - with the figure rising to £10m when his backroom assistants are added on.( the daily mail)
And when is the last time we heard a English coach manages England? It has been a while, eh? Oh goodness, the FA should have given some extra trusts on the England based coaches, they are good as well after all.
England England England, when will we be able to see you once again proudly say " We are the 3 Lions." ?

Picture: Fabio happy for the money?! hehe, we will see.
It's icy, it's snowing, it's slushy, it's not as cold as Scandinavia but still cold my ass off.
AND ON SATURDAY MORNING, THE AIR KIND OF STINKS- Thanks to the lame farmers, thanks lol
One of my cousins whom we havent spoken forever (because he is contantly away because he is in an organized gang doing some deals) has finally contacted me ( contacted me because we used to be close) and told me he is making a ton of money nowadays and he talked to his sister the other day about the death of their dad ( which is my uncle)... He was certainly shocked and i was shocked because how did he get my mobile phone number is a MYSTERY.
Back to playing FUTSAL now again, i have improved some more physically because of the physiotherapy i had with the doctors; i run faster now, i dribble better now, i can pass better, better game plan, better vision of the game, and most important of all... TEAMWORK :D
Liverpool advanced to the knockout stage of champions league... GREAT :D
Gay Christmas shopping cost me some money- LAME
Grant Oldre (my roommie) got dumped last Friday, sucks for him, ummmmm well, both Jesse and i tried to help him a lot but who am i to help him anyway? I am just another loser after all.
Now i have to send those gifts to people whom i like/ dislike, after all, its the season to be honest- i still care about everyone.
Ah also! I fell down a lot while sitting on the chair...
The community loves us, we do a lot of community services nowadays; such as: clean up the driveway for old people( again), eat some cookies from the nice elderly folks... they love that.

Ryan Giggs- Welsh WizardSunnuntai 09.12.2007 00:38

Ryan Giggs brought up his century of league goals as Manchester United FC defeated Derby County FC to close to within a point of Arsenal FC at the English summit.

When the Welshman opened the scoring in the 40th minute at Old Trafford he became the eleventh United player to score a century of league goals for the club. The last man to do it was Mark Hughes, now the manager of Premier League rivals Blackburn Rovers FC. Carlos Tévez then scored either side of half-time for the champions, who conceded a goal to Steve Howard – Derby's first away from home this season – in the 76th minute before completing the scoring through Ronaldo's late penalty. -

Just so how do you stop Ryan Giggs? Cut his legs off? dont think so.
No doubt that Ryan Giggs is always one of the best footballers in Europe, but also a real great role model for us- the younger generation. He is just a player, a player who just seems only want to play football, nothing flashy, just FOOTBALLING.
And i really am amazed with Giggs' dedication and effort for his only one club- Manchester United, you hardly see such loyal professional athelete nowadays... maybe besides Kobe Bryant xD
For his team-mates who maybe only had three weeks off, when you get to November time it starts to take its toll. And when the mind becomes tired your game can suffer badly.

Under the protection and stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson, he grew as a footballer. We always talk about left-footed players, saying: "He's got a great left foot."

But Giggs is much more than that. He would torment defenders, twisting them this way and that. And I had some first-hand experience of it.

Unlike Ronaldo, who uses a multitude of tricks, Giggs would use his whole body to unbalance you, the ball didn't move much but his swaying from side to side would leave you not knowing which way he was going to accelerate - and unpredictability is the most difficult quality to defend against.

It was also infuriating that however many heavy tackles you put in on him he never used to get riled or let it affect him - he would just jump up and demand the ball again so he could have another go at you. He looked skinny, but he had a strong heart.

He is also physically incredibly strong and this, combined with such balance, makes kicking not an option either. Several wingers, like David Ginola or Marc Overmars, were known to go missing if you got stuck into them.

In more recent years, Ryan's football intelligence has grown and matured and now he is no longer just a left winger but can play almost anywhere. This adaptation has prolonged such a great career, allowing him to play at the highest level for so long.

I also believe that being Welsh has helped this. I realise he has played plenty of internationals, but while most of his team-mates were playing lots of extra games in tournament football during summer breaks, Giggs has for the most part had his summers off to relax.

The big thing which i respect Giggs is that, even when he is having a low wave, he still keep his heart big- for the TEAM. You dont see I in the word TEAM. In my life, i have seen players complaining about they dont get enough playing time, so what? Stop the whining, if you dont get enough playing time, check with your teammate, talk to your coach staff and im sure they will let you know what exactly is the problem. You start working hard again from there, its all there is- The Great Mentality which Giggs got, the mentality got him to stand strong, to torture the opponents.

No matter when Giggs will make his retirement, he is no doubt the ONLY Ryan Giggs that Manchester United will ever have, no one will be able to replace his position in everyone's heart.
Just when was the last time i participate in any forms of community service? maybe 3 or 4years ago?
Oh boy, i sure got a lot of hours from that work. I cleaned the snow out of old families' residential area, i fix their lawns when its not snowing, i visited them just to talk to them and play chess with them just so i can get sweets from them after i have beaten them.
Honestly, i never dislike it, its one of those things that you dislike it in the whist of doing it but later on you miss it because of those joyful smiles those people carried with them. Lovely i say, lovely- especially when you just sit there and listen to them carefully, they feel that you care about them, i like to give that feeling to people because instead of letting people worry about you it is better that you only let them know the good news.
Like that famous phrase, 'No news is good news '.
Not saying i shouldnt tell anything to people but its better to just let them know the good parts of my life instead of downs i am dealing with.
I hate to make people worry, that's why i never tell people the whole story in my life
Believe it or not.

RealisationTorstai 06.12.2007 06:23

Shouldnt have called you a spanish wannabe, that's kind of lame anyway.
should have kept calling you NEWBIE after all, newbie of everything such as realising many things instead of thinking thy as the centre of the globe

Armagedon... Bruce WillisLauantai 01.12.2007 03:27

Me: Of course Bruce Willis is fucking amazing and can fucking save lives.
He is the Bruce- fucking- Willis!
Grant: Mocha Bear... QUOTE OF THE DAY!
Jesse: What rhymes with baptism? Fabtism, naptism... i can use some naptism now :'D