From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....

stuffMaanantai 26.11.2007 10:06

Sergio: have a nice trip, young boy. dont worry too much about life, the experiences will come to you, just have to stand tall be confident. Some people might have more experiences than you do, so what? It's their lives, they might fall early as well. Young Chris, i think you will do good.
Me: Oh My God.
Sergio: Nice to meet you
Me: Same here.
Uncle: Stand firm, be smart which you already are, and just make all kinds of connections with people you like/ dislike, they will teach you a lot, no matter good or bad.
Aunt: Come back again like last spring break, we love to have you around.
Me: (tears all over my face)

Someday, i will go discover the rest of our family members, also the ones that are still in the Middle East. When i find those people, i will interview them, get to know them, then i will feel proud.
I am the 27th generation of the Lih family.

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 25.11.2007 09:07

there will be people doubting you, they are afraid of you will surpass them, they are SCARED of you
one of the lines from whatever movie Denzel Washington was in.

gotta start well, finish it strong : )
they are at 12th right now...
critics will be on soon

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 24.11.2007 07:02

Grant: Mocha Bear, i hope you wont forget things like... that you are a mocha bear.
Me: Thanks...:'D
Tim: what's up with the mocha bear name?
Me: you dont wanna ask that question...
Jesse: ohhhh, he should ;)
Me: what happened now :'D
All of them: dont even try that!

-why my uncle and my aunt are so funny, half of the time he doesnt even listen to what she is talking about then he just say something like wow, or yeah yeah yeah as the response to her statements. -

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 24.11.2007 06:57

my ex- cross country teammate, Christopher Tegetmeier is gonna be included on the US national team for the event of speed walk, which means he will be going to China for the 2008 Summer Olympics, hi 5!

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 24.11.2007 06:54

sucks to know that you are not doing well

this is stupidLauantai 24.11.2007 06:49

i like how the fact that i forgot some stuff but i still know how to play the piano.
its kind of like... i dont know how to do it but i still manage to do it- WEIRDO
I almost forgot my parents' name- SAD AS HELL

stuff from the sticky notes...Lauantai 24.11.2007 00:48

Street smart got me to survive in many different situations in the past.
When will i be able to go to the space and check out how beautiful earth is.
I forgot when did uncle died.( mum's 1st brother)
I still remember most of the stories in the show " Scrubs"
The Office is way too damn fucking brilliant \ O /
I cant locate where is my mobile phone charger
Is it for real that tomorrow i am going to play football at the Corona Park with Sergio Hoyer, Thomas Chu, and some other New Yorkers?
ah goodness, head hurts again
David Healy can create history!

Us the europeans are known for footballing but a fairly small country like N. Ireland is an odd one.

Remember 10years ago my old man told me this trivia about schooling in Great Britain- uncertain about the credentials- whatever.

Here it is: If you couldnt name just one, just one footballer from Northern Ireland- then your life will have a major changing, whether its for good or bad... you do the judgement.

George Best, of course he was good but overly... idolised i suppose?( come on, you admiited he is a God a long time ago!) Best was obviously a genius, and surely passionate for both football and the abuse of alcohol. Those two attributes definetely made Best a even stronger impact to the crowds than Pat Jennings and David Healy.( I really dont know much about N.Irish football history so i only know Pat Jennings, David Healy and George Best.) In the most recent years, if you google anything about N.Irish footballers- you find the immortalised David Healy.

i bet you 9 out of 10 football experts would say Daivd Healy is only a normal footballer, its true, since he finally got a deal with premiership team Fulham but his number of goals isnt that great :P

In 2005 world cup qualifying match, Healy helped N.Ireland to beat the 3lions( England), that match got Healy on the front page of almost every newspapers in Great Britain i believe. This year, in the qualifying match for Euro2008 against Spain( Las Palmas), it was a 3-2 result and Healy scored a hat- trick. The against Sweden, Healy scored twice to beat the Swedish. Against Liechenschtein, Healy bagged another hat- trick. Healy became the first N.Irish whom scored multiple numbers of hat- trick

And then against Denmark ( qualifying for Euro2008 still), the N. Irish really needed goals then... HEALY SCORES WITH A CRACKING HEADER!!! Healy once again saved his country! Even broke the record of Euro tournament- 13goals total!( before it was legend of Croatia, Sukur who bagged in 12goals total.) This is just amazing, incredable, and N. Ireland did not lose any home matches against Spain, Sweden and Denmark.( by the way, N.Ireland's home ground is the Windsor Park.)

Talking about one man show for N.Ireland is no bed story or tale. Its true that they are doing this one man show deal, the country scored totall 17goals thus far in this euro2008 qualification stuff and if you ignore the 13goals from super Healy, probablly the number would be UGLY.

Healy is something special, his goals are crucial, important, sometimes with only a goal then Healy seals the deal.

Healy is no big, speedy, fella. He is not even a trickster. However, the cool thing about Healy is that his touch, that feel with the ball is like he is superman or superfreak! One touch, one kick usually ends up a goal, a good pass. In those games N. Ireland played against those countries, often times if you looked at it carefully( hurts eyes im sure cuz that happened to me.) and you would notice that many goals that scored by Healy were done in motions, or without stopping the ball and blast it out. Even when the defender clearly has a better position than Healy does, but because of that little space Healy knows so he uses it and SCORES- what a fucking legend.

24shots on target, 13of them in the net. It does not even matter if N.Ireland did not qualify for Euro2008, because Healy already broke record of his national team and for Europe. If N.Ireland did not qualify for Euro2008- fine, because Healy will still be talking about in people's mouths- for a quite a few years.
for almost everything...
even my bank crap and for this and to turn my phone on...
but i still dont remember how to spell certain words:P