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(Different styles I like or disguise?)Sunnuntai 31.08.2014 20:58

Yesterday was a normal day for some grocery shopping. Everything went swimmingly and I was already walking back home, when in between my house and the market a man I did not know, said "excuse me!" I immediately thought "hey, that guy must need some help to find somewhere! He even has his phone on hand, so I guess he's looking a map". Couldn't I have been less wrong.. He looked with his scanning eyes from my head to toe and I swear I could hear a reaction coming out of his mouth "woah!" (let it be known, that I was wearing leopard print leggings and a fingertip-length dress made of fleece. Something like this: )
Then he started to introduce himself and asked for my facebook and the information WHERE I LIVE (not just the city, the very address). Of course I felt it to be okay to lie and said "I don't use facebook and I just moved in" and walked away from the situation. I only gave him my first name and it's hard for him to find me here anyways, thanks to the fact I put my name in Japanese.
This is why I sometimes ask myself:
"am I dressing up in different styles for myself, or has it turned in to disguise technique, so I won't be recognized again by any suspicious people?"

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