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Dear Sbetsho...Maanantai 16.03.2009 23:27

Firstly, I want you to know that I'm not very interested in cranberries. They are too darkminded for me to eat them from my shoes.
Yesterday I climbed on top of a table and shot a little star-like creature on the wall. It wasn't a man at all. In conclusion, all star-creatures may not have noticed their ability to claim manhood to themselves. Upon thinking about this fact, I went to shop. The shop was closed. I waited until it opened, which didn't happen so I tried to sell my eyes to strangers, in hope to acquire enough money to buy the shop and re-open it and then buy the stuff I need, like three-feet tall table cream. No one bought my eyes so I took my last savings, some 5000 euros and threw them to a deep well. I did this to see if I can get them back. I'm still trying to get them, as I desperately need that money.

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