oh bb andy hurley i love youKeskiviikko 03.02.2010 19:32

Andy: its all good. the thing is, the end isnt official. pete essentially said that he 'doesnt see himself doing fob right now, maybe in the future'. patrick essentially said 'im not in fob right now, but fob will always be around, etc..'. no one said 'im done and never doing this band again. this band is officially over'. and everyone is reading it that way. the point is...we're not a band right now. we're not going to do anything for 2-3 years. maybe more. and then we will see how we feel. i dont take anyone saying they quit seriously. the whole point of the break was to get away from it for a bit. we are doing that now. its harder for some of us and easier for some of us. this is the way things are. as ned kelly said 'such is life'.

dont be so quick to give up or to feel the need to put a nail in everything in your life. its in flux. my band is in flux. my life is in flux. everything in this world is in flux. this whole situation will resolve itself when the time is right. until then, nothing is certain. as a member of the band fall out boy i am outright saying that we have not officially broken up. we are at the same place we were when we decided to take the break. to get away from it and come back in a couple years and see where we are at then.

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