dear jamieMaanantai 01.09.2008 01:21


my knees are freezing :oSunnuntai 31.08.2008 06:01

AHAHAHA(...)AHAHAHAHA HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, YOU'VE GOT TO READ THIS. (if you've read Breaking Dawn, that is, it's just one big spoilerfest!) IT HAS KEPT ME UP AND AMUSED FOR SO LONG, JESUS, I ACTUALLY COUGHED TEA ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD WHEN I LAUGHED. dude. this is the funniest thing in _ages_! \o/


GET FAMILIARSunnuntai 31.08.2008 01:06

YOU GUYS. this picture? has been picking on my brain for the last half hour, at least. I DO NOT GET WHAT IS UP WITH IT. because, okay. _IS THAT JON WALKER OR ALEX SUAREZ?_ 'cause it kind of looks like Jon, and it has his goddamned CAT, for god's sakes, but I can still somehow see Alex in it? like, enough for me to start doubting it's JWalk. it's something about the nose. but it looks like Jon's fingers, and his hair! idk, it also looks like Alex's hair. and Jon doesn't have a watch like that, does he? at least he wears it, like, never. /creepy bandom stalker. I JUST. MY BRAIIIN. and what's up with the background anyway? is it another CFOB clue? is it a hint towards a mixed PATD/Cobra Starship album? is it the government, or aliens, or just pwentz messing with our brains? is pete wentz also an alien? i mean, his head is kind of weird-shaped, i wouldn't totally close out the possibility?

i think i need to sleep. or coffee. in a vein, preferably. :D

i missed your skin when you were eastLauantai 30.08.2008 14:38

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY RYAN ROSS! \o/ Enjoy being the same age as JWalk for a while. :D

dont let it fool youPerjantai 29.08.2008 01:01

i just burned my tongue really bad. like, we're talking REALLY bad here, we're talking swollen tongue and numb taste bulb...things and breathing/swallowing being really fucking painful because my swollen tongue has to touch something and it reaaaaaally hurts. wow, fail.


uh. VERY MUCH FAIL. (NOT tom conrad, just to make that clear - tomrad doesn't fail, ever. except for the times when he does, which isn't right now.)

i have typed this entry out three times, and erased it all out again. i give up. i leave you with


it's actually possible to have a 30-min conversation about my music taste _sucking_, without me even participating in the thing! WHO KNEW? amazing! everyone i know are so persistent, i almost have to admire them.
no, really. i mean, you have to be pretty intense about it if you're gonna flip me the finger for 45 MINUTES STRAIGHT during math? _that's_ devotion, kids. it's almost as admirable as going "yeah, but their music just SUCKS, and they're all retarded anyway, and dude, have you heard the music, because it really does suck!, and idk, they're ugly too, and i just hate them, you know, because it's just really bad!" when I, during the first 30 _seconds_, concluded "whatever, you're talking about one of my favourite bands, but i don't care, im allright with you not liking them as long as you're allright with me actually LIKING them! so plz stop mocking/stfu and let me finish this card game?". i mean, you really have to think i'm a first-class failure to devote that much of your time and energy/muscles in your right hand just to tell me i fail. cheers, guys, you're amazing. <3

...i hope you all caught up on the extremely pissed-off sarcasm in that. if you didn't, then you're either oblivious or really fucking stoned.

also. apparently i am boring, and rambling, and totally predictable. i don't get why im needed if you already knew what i was going to say anyway.

the only good thing about this day has been Patrick Stump, the kid in the bus looking exactly like Richard Hammond, and finishing school one hour earlier. ftmfw, yeah. fuck this shit im going to bed. \o/
The FBR webstore just refunded me 0,81 € for the CIWWAF shirt :DDDD thanksalot guys i really needed that money, yeah.

the paul revere jumpsuit apparatus - ICWYDT BDENNN! if this is what you guys were up to in the cabin, i want more of it STAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. (stfu, that totally makes sense in my head. \o/)

i have a new LJ layout! \o/ it has PWentz being very pretty. lookit! I AM VERY PROUD, OKAY. :D

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.08.2008 18:42

apparently i've been 'really really fucking ANNOYING' today. \o/

I KISSED A BOY JUST TO START SHIT, BITCHES LOVED IT <-- gabe saporta reads our minds. \o/
cfob mixtape > MY HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART. just saying.


WHAT'S UP WITH THE FRENCH ALBUM NAME, GUYS?! : DD oh patrick stumpH, you make my heart happy. even when you're made of fail. <3 NOVEMBER 4TH DUN WANNA WAIT DDD: