LIQUID COOKIES!Torstai 31.07.2008 04:24

ARRRGH. so, I have had two different fics writing itself in my head all day long, and it's fffffffffreaking me out. OH HAI OVERFILLED WiP-FOLDER, NICE TO MEET YOU. not. I need to stop this. I need to frickin' finish what I'm working on, goddamit, instead of coming up with new gorgeous plot bunnies every few weeks. I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH MY LIFE.

so, just out of interest. PLEASE PEOPLE I'MMA NEED YOU TO HELP ME WITH THIS, NAO. PLEASE? just, you know. tell me which of these you want me to finish first, and then I'll work on them. pick, like, three, okay? or two, or one, or four. just pick them. pleasepleaseprettyplease with a naked danny jones on top, do it? :D
here is the list of the ones I'm most inspired for. (god, it's gonna be long as fuck.) AND PLEASE, NOTICE THAT THE TITLES ARE ONLY WORKING TITLES. and will prob not be used - mainly because 99% of them are totally ridiculous, but still. :D

Not Your Concern - Pete/Ryan, in which Pete is a caring drunk and Ryan is a bit of a slut. It also has a cleaning cupboard and lots of swearing.
Camden Town Boy - Harry/Dougie, AU, in which Dougie gets wooed by the pretty British guy at the airport, during the flight, and right until leaving the other airport. Based on real events (BWHA HA HA HAAA)
Everything Under The Sun - Harry/Dougie nr. 2, AU, which depicts Harry's and Dougie's first meeting at a gig and also a crapload of sappy and romantic and odd but strangely fascinating moments in their life.
The Last Good Thing About This Part Of Town - Danny/Tom, in which one sneaky paparazzi gets a picture of the couple in a not-so-photogenic moment (read: jerking each other off in a back alley) - it's all over the tabloids, and huge heartbreak ensues.
Fake It For The Airwaves - McFly GSF, in which Tom thinks about what a chance it would be to leave their label, but doesn't dare to mention it to the others, and is thoroughly surprised when Harry brings it up over dinner. Slashy boys all in love with each other - and, coincidentally, all over each other.
Back To The Streets (Where We Began) - Harry/Dougie, AU, in which Dougie falls for the bad boy/heartbreaker Harry, even though he knows it's going to kill him, in the end. Harry is mean and Dougie is naive - this breaks my heart, but I love every word of it.
Bountzing Off The Walls - Pierre Bouvier/Pete Wentz, this pairing is so wrong it just has to work. THIS IS WEIRD, GUYS, no lie. Basically, Pete is a greedy bastard and Pierre is a pretty bastard. Apparently bastards fit well together.
When The Day Met The Night - Harry/Dougie, Dougie can't sleep and it's hot and he's lonely so he grabs Harry and runs for the hills at stupid o'clock in the night. It's cuter than it should be, probably. :D

Then, the biggest and most epic projects for last, here you go. I cannot stress this enough; TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK?

Not Over Never Over Yeah - FBR BANDS ALL CLASH TOGETHER IN AN EPIC HIGH SCHOOL!AU. Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Brendon, William/Gabe, Greta/Bob, Jon/Spencer, Gee/Frank, VickyT/Nate, Pierre/Seb, past Ryan/Pete - every pairing you could possibly imagine, it's here. Lots of high school shenanigans ensue when art students, film students, lit graduates, slackers, music technicians, Starbucks baristas and teachers clash together. \o/, guys.
Not The Thought Of Forever (It's The Thought Of Tomorrow) - Ryan/Brendon, AU, THE EPIC PHOTO!RYAN FIC! Ryan is a padawan at Jon&Spencer's photo studio, but one day one Brendon Urie enters the studio - carrying food, btw - and Ryan is never quite the same. EPIC LOVE STORY, I TELL YOU.
Sweet Tangerine - Danny/Harry, Au. THE EPIC PIRATE!DANNY FIC! Daniel Jones, dreaded captain of the seven seas, kidnaps and - unplanned - falls for the British writer Harold, known as Harry to his friends, Judd. Tom is a cook and Dougie washes the deck - just thinking of this makes me \o/ a little.

...yeah most of the time I don't know what's going on inside my brain, either. (and wow, jesus, that IS long.) YOU GUYS, JUST PLEASE HELP ME OUT BECAUSE I THINK MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE. Prettyplease? :D

DOUGIE, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT.Tiistai 29.07.2008 02:53

Dougie. You don't go to perform to the GAY just to get molested by one of the Loose Women. EVEN IF IT'S JUST ON A DARE OR WHATEVER. YOU DON'T GET KISSED BY CAROL FROM LOOSE WOMEN WHILE IN G-A-Y. SHE'S 48, FOR GOD'S SAKE! You get caught kissing Harry backstage, or ON stage, for all I know, and that's allright, since it's GAY. (It's allright otherwise, too.) BUT CAROL? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Oh, Dougie.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.07.2008 22:36

BOO I'M SO SAD. Watch me weeping. (Jenny actually has proof of this. Well, not proof, since I hope she's not recording our phone conversations - very many awkward moments there, you guys wouldn't believe the amount of times the words 'gay', 'pregnant', 'kinky' and 'freak' appear in our conversations, and I'm not even kidding - but she heard it. Three times. (Or was it two? I forget.) I cried like a baby. I couldn't help it.) I just, guys.


BOO, I'M SO SAD. THEY WERE, LIKE, MY ONLY HET OTP. (except for, like, Ryan/Keltie when Brendon and Pete are away being gay with someone else, or each other, and Frank/Jamia because that will never not be absolutely adorable, and Gabe/William, because - oh, wait, what, William isn't a girl! I forget, sorry! (SOMEONE HAD BETTER LAUGHED AT MY JOKE THERE! It was really bad though. :PP) I MEAN, COME ON. I'VE WANTED THEM TO GET MARRIED SINCE... WELL, I DON'T KNOW. EVER!! Forget Jess, forget Dean. SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED HIM! So sad, me, now.

I'm gonna cry some more nao.

do ya do ya do ya love meMaanantai 28.07.2008 19:16

Phrida sanoo:
I am making cyberspace puppyeyes at you!
Däni. sanoo:
stop making those!
Phrida sanoo:
NOO! THE WRATH OF MY CYBERSPACE PUPPYEYES IS AFTER YOU. They will haunt you in your dreams. They will follow you around whereever you go. JUST GIVE IN TO THE UNDEADLY POWER OF THE CYBERSPACE PUPPYEYES, SUGAR.
Däni. sanoo:
Phrida sanoo:
Däni. sanoo:
i'm not falling in them again !
Phrida sanoo:
pleasepleasepleaseplease with a chocolate-covered naked Danny Jones on top?
Däni. sanoo:
Phrida sanoo:
...I don't really know what I can offer you after that, tbh. NOTHING beats a pleasepleaseplease with a naked Danny Jones covered in chocolate on top.


ALSO, RYDENNNNNNNNNN. EATING MY BRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. OWW. Also, I am bored. Also, I am spamming my päiväkirja. Also, I need to stop saying also. \o/

boys in bands have got it so damn badMaanantai 28.07.2008 18:36

28.07.08 12:58 <ALLS> ARVAA MITÄ MUUTE SÄ OLIT MUN UNES! me poltettii siin unes kirkko:o se oli vähä scary:DDD

...i don't even have anything to say. hands down, I'm speechless. and dying of laughter.

ALSO ALSO ALSO. I don't know. I was going to say something. I lost it. Damn. :D

EDIT: Now I remember. Louis Armstrong - ISN'T ACTUALLY NAMED LOUIS, BUT LANCE. Lance Armstrong. And he isn't even French. He's from bloody TEXAS. God, I got so disappointed. Apparently I know no famous Frenchmen, sorry. Oh Louis, how you have failed me.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.07.2008 11:42

'Radio:Active will be out September 22, and the second single will now be Lies. Besides Lies, the songs "Four Colossal", "Another One Goes Down", and "The End" will also be in the deluxe version.
In "Another One Goes Down", a part of the lyrics are
"And every time I fall asleep my dreams are haunted, everytime I close my eyes I'm not alone, I cry everytime I'm right back where you wanted, I try to drown you out so another one goes down."
For those who already have the DVD that came with the One For The Radio singles, you know that this song is a reply to "She Falls Asleep", and it promises to be one of the best songs in the album.
The End, along with Corrupted, is another song that was written when Tom was in Los Angeles with a group of composers called "The Matrix".'


[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 27.07.2008 16:13

bumble_85 says:
Still not sent McPost but you get other things with it too now hehe

...DID I MENTION I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE NAOMI?? Yeah, I think I did. BB mentioning it again. <3
'cause seriously. RYAN ROSS. I mean, I love and adore Ryan Ross. Ryan Ross makes my day every day. Ryan Ross is up on my fucking wall! And HE'S HUGGING PARIS HILTON. I JUST. I CAN'T TAKE IT. MY EYEEEEES, OUCH.

I probably shouldn't be laughing this loud at this. I don't know if I'm more freaked out or amused. :''''''DDDD

(I love confusedface!Jon with his mandals though. <3)
1. ‘10 Kisses, or Why Pete Wentz shouldn’t be left anywhere near MySpace, LiveJournal and every other kind of blogging website’
Pete is a FBR whore and kisses a whole bunch of people, but he still loves Patrick the most. &heartseyes
Quote: “Pete.” Patrick closes his eyes and tries to ignore the way he can still taste Pete’s coffee on his own lips. “You’re not making out with a sexually confused teenager just to complete this stupid game.”

2. The Principle Of The Matter
Jailbait!Patrick and awesomesauce Pete, NC-17. Short, cute, and inexplainably hot. 'Pretty In Pink' is also mentioned, which automatically makes it awesome. Pete is \o/!, and Pattycake makes me want to squish someone.
Quote: "Kiss or no shirt."

3. We could make beautiful music together - 18 (Glenview)
Jailbait!Patrick returns. DUN DUN DUN DAH! NC-17, Patrick puts up an ad on craigslist, and a certain peterpanxoxo answers to it. awkward dates and awesome pete ensues. Also, as always is the case with jailbait!Patrick, he makes me flail.
Quote: "So unless you've got bodies buried in your crawlspace," Pete added, "you're pretty much not getting rid of me."
Patrick opened and closed his mouth a few times. Finally he said, "We don't have a crawlspace."

4. Sleep Like Music
Patrick reached his sexual peak on a Thursday afternoon. NC-17. This is actually all I'm gonna say. (ALSO, ASHTON KUTCHER APPEARS. THIS IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME GLEEFACE THE REST OF THE YEAR.)
Quote: "This sucks," Pete said. "Do you want to make out in the bathroom?"

5. Let The Record Show
NC-17. Patrick is drunk, Pete is horny. The van is empty, and Pete has a camera. Nothing good can ever come out of it, and yet this is so, so, so, so good, you guys.
Quote: "Ooh, hey, I can zoom," Patrick says, brightening. "Look, everyone, it's Pete's dick."

6. It May Be A Side Effect Of The Exposure, But I'm Thinking It's Meant To be
Okay, so. What is this strange addiction I have with jailbait!Patrick? I do not know, but it's eating my brain and I love every single second of it. Anyway, this has high school, Pete still in Arma Angelus, and a crapload of text messages. I just. Flail, guys.
Quote: 'its lunchtime, lets get sammiches and then get married, Pete sends during fifth period. (..) 'I’m at school, dumbass, I can’t marry you right now. Also, lunch was an hour ago', he sends back a minute later.

THERE YOU GO, YOU GREEDY... PERSON. Also, all of you who don't ship Peterick? Start doing it. NAO. Read those, seriously. YOU'LL THANK ME ONE DAY, BWHA HA HA HAA. :DD

lo and behold, it is my writing rant!Lauantai 26.07.2008 23:44

so, I'm thinking I'll sign up to the fic-a-thon thing at McFlyslash. BUT! there is a big but(t). (AHAH did you laugh? No, I thought as much. I did though. I have wanted to make a butt joke for years, no lie, so just bare with me. THERE WILL BE LOADS OF THOSE COMING, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, I need to focus on what I'm talking about instead of making brackets longer than my entry. I'll stfu now.) so, here is the BUT.

I need people. Not to tell me what to write, because if you try to tell me what to write I'll chop your toes off with one of those machete things, and I'm not even kidding, I promise I will do it, but. I need someone to whine to, to use as a ballplank for my ideas. Someone that will listen to me going hours and hours about the thing I'm working on without asking me to kindly shut the fuck up nao, or tell me 'no, this and this is how you do it, you big loser', because then toe-chopping will ensue and nobody wants that. If I want to screw up, let me do it my way! Someone that will tell me to not just forget it and remind me to kindly work on it when I'm trying to get out of it. I NEED MY FRIENDS, WHAT. this is my creative process, people. this is how it works, this is how it always has worked, this is how it always will work! i will always need people to take all my ranting without complaints, because that's how I work. (also; man, is it gonna be hard for me to find a husband some day. AHAH.)

wow, sorry. I needed to get that out of my system. man, i feel good now. anyone? aanyone of all the people I know?

Also, Zac Efron needs to stop appearing in my dreams. I CANNOT TAKE IT. GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY.