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Lack of FaithTorstai 05.09.2013 02:31

What keeps confusing me about the believers is the idea that faith is good and the lack of faith is evil. And if you lack faith you deserve to go into damnation. The concept is probably something like "if you're not with us, then you're against us". But that is problematic because then people would be divided into two categories, because there is only two in this way of thinking, people who are purely evil and people who are purely good. But that doesn't work out, does it? Only if we set up very strict standards of good and evil would that be possible, say people who eat lollipops are evil and those who don't are good. And then still people can change. Wouldn't you say that instead all the people are somewhere in between pure good and pure evil? So pure good and evil doesn't really exists, at least not among any humans. But to get back to the idea that lack of faith is evil. It's something similar to famous saying that "all evil needs to progress is that the good people do nothing". This saying is true to a certain degree, but it works on the assumption that people are going to do evil things regardless and if no-one doesn't do anything good to stop it, then evil will triumph. But in reality doing nothing is not exactly the same as doing something evil. If no-one does anything evil, then there is no need to stop it. Would you say that then doing nothing is evil? No, of course not. Instead I would conclude that faith is something positive. Something you can use as a power source to give your life a meaning. Lack of faith is neutral. You can still go on living your life and find your meaning and life energy from somewhere else. Without deserving punishment for it. Instead the faith in evil is that what is bad. If you believe that doing evil things to others is the way to go in life then surely you deserve to be stopped.

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