Oon tulossa Suomeen! 29.7 - 12.8!

Cool LyricsPerjantai 21.08.2009 07:33

I don't know what's gonna happen to you baby, but I do know that I love you.

Kiitos TomiLauantai 15.08.2009 15:50

Olen VIP. Oooooh yeah.

-Keskiviikko 01.07.2009 01:06

Vittu saatana perkele.

Coming home.Tiistai 16.06.2009 04:54

Hey everyone! I'm gonna be in Finland from 30.7 - 13.8 so anyone who wants to see me then please give me an sms/e-mail/comment/call. I wanna see y'all this time! :-D. I love you guys!

Smiley people.Maanantai 08.06.2009 18:31

Taas!Keskiviikko 29.04.2009 04:59

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 14.04.2009 06:40

Friends!Perjantai 10.04.2009 06:42

Hey everyone, how are you all? I need a big favour from one of you....can someone buy the latest copy of Veikkaaja magazine with the article about Mika Kallio and send it to me? I can pay you next time I see you! I'd love you so much (actually, I probably do already) :-P.

OMG, JuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTiistai 31.03.2009 05:30

Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, Juha. Who wants to Photoshop me over that guy on the right? :-P
I can't even look at this pic without nearly exploding from lust :-|.
Yes, i'm sure you all wanted to know that :-P.
Who wants to Photoshop me over that guy on the right?

-Sunnuntai 01.03.2009 15:43

I would live here if they would let me have pets :-(.