kun pää käskee juosta, minä kipitän.... muutaman metrin

My last prayPerjantai 30.05.2008 00:18

... I don't know dad if you can hear me... or granpa are you there watching.. .. I don't know if you care anymore about me but ... . . I need guide now.. .. I am alone.. I have two friends.. . and one is going to leave for summer.. and the nother one is working.. . I lost my everything today.. . my summer and my life for now is ruined.. *tears fall*.. .. you know.. if you would still be alive granpa I would come to you and settle all the fights and do as you say and make you happy.... and for dad, that you and mum wouldn't have broke up I wouldn't be born.. if I could choose. I don't know what's gonna happen now, I.. I suppose Nora is having free time with her friends and enjoy for summer.. she has so many of them that now I am away from her it really doesn't matter for her now she is not alone... she can still go by her plans.. I can't... i won't go to Animecon alone.. .. have pity or then cry even more looking happy people... my pray is a friend.. . A.. new one.. one I could trust.. ... have faith.. . maybe love who knows.. understanding.. get more with her/his help.. Love let me down the last time..... I will be on my own with that.. being single can't be so bad.... I can do it with time.. the depression I've had for 5 months now.. I haven't told anyone.. anyone who reads this knows then.. It's getting worse now and my eating. .. well... not hungry at all.. may be that this is my last summer... if I won't get weighter it will be the end.. I really hope it wouldn't.. I wanna have sometime in my life fun too... friends know how it feels... please.. ... . . I do anything.... that I don't need to be alone....


I'll do anything, I will be working hard at school I clean my room~I'll be good~I won't give it up now~

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