Otto W. Lehikoinen

lost without a traceMaanantai 29.05.2006 06:08

"And so again I turn to face you with my empty hands
You won't complain, I know you've seen it before
I don't know why but I'm kind of smiling in a loosing way
I got you love and I know I can't ask you more

Oh, let it shine for me (x3)

So here I am and I really haven't got a thing to give
I guess you know so maybe could be a start
You got to say that you know and it doesn't matter anyway
And let the truth make the answer, not your heart

Oh, let it shine for me (x3)

Raise my eyes up and see you
So shine that light on my face
All this time I've been sleeping
Lost without a trace."

Wigwam - Lost Without a Trace (..lyrics by Jim Pembroke.. guitar - Jukka Tolonen)

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