write you a songSunnuntai 16.12.2007 04:08

yeyyeyey. BORED! orkka fa o sova. nä.

and all the apples are gone. SAD. I've eaten them all... and daddy forgot to buy new ones! -____-'
o så köpte ja nå äpplen från dendär K-kauppan före konserten, men dom va gross. hårda o äckliga. int alls så gula som dom ska vara nams<3 ja åt int upp dom. ja åt grynost iställe<3 (PHRIDAloveRAEJUUSTO)
and now I'm tired. 'cause some wanker had to wake me up at ten today...!! :'DD
o Plantagen imoron. jjejejee! me anna&lin. nam Plantagenkakao<3 dee gottgott. de e också helt kiva o packa såndäna julblommor, dom e jees. sen när man gets the hang of it. ; D

klockan e 01.58. I've got an overdose of slash ihiihihihihihii : DD but it's okay (to be gay).

tididii ja läste just igenom va ja ha skrivi. ja e verkligen seko right now. oh, you noticed? yeah, I thought I noticed that you noticed. and now I'm rambling again.
o så byter ja språk hela tiden. but it's fun : DDD don't want to be alone toniiiiight... but I'm not alone no no no I'm not alone. argh Danny's voice makes me freak out. <3


"I can't die! I have a list of things to do before I die," the blue eyed boy said quickly, panic having set in long ago. "I've not started on it!"

"Hel-what's on that list," the pale blond asked curiously, noticing how worked up Harry was getting over being stuck in the elevator. It happened all the time, people didn't plummet to their deaths in them anymore.

"I wanted to have sex in the sleigh," Harry said quickly, his breath catching in his chest. "And in the workshop!"

"What are you on about?"

"Oh God, I'm never going to do my own Christmas ride," he wailed loudly and collapsed onto the floor, sobbing into his hands.

Tom scratched his head and turned back to look at the call box. "Help! I'm stuck in an elevator with a lunatic and he's trying to kill me with Christmas ornaments! Help! I beg you! Help me!"

awwww go Judd<3 you perv!
(and now I can hear Jenny's voice: "oh, who's talking?" : D she's right, you know. I'm a perv. and proud of it. I've never had so much fun before. *grins madly*)

mmmmkay. ska gå o sova nu. eller nä, orkar int fa o sova. ja ska skriva ännu en stund. (int hit, you're gonna get rid of me, don't you worry - but hey, wait! this is MY diary! if you keep reading, you'll NEVER get rid of me! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA) sen ska ja... se en film. kanske. eller äta ett päron. nams<3 anyway. bye. : D

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