defying gravity indeedMaanantai 19.01.2009 20:25

survived first proper day of school. read Shakespeare, watched a German movie, laughed so hard I fell off the bench, and nearly broke my thumb. it was gooooooood. \o/

BUT SHAKESPEARE IS *HARD*, HOMG. it's one thing to read it and a whole other to be acting it out on stage, jfc. 8D and now i am utterly exhausted and am going to go home and pass out. :P ALSO HI TWINS ARE CONFUSING! AND NICE! and apparently I'm going to Birmingham with them next weekend!

oh oh also Boys Like Girls and Metro Station are playing at Birmingham Academy next Monday. MONDAY. WHY NOT, LIKE, SATURDAY? DDDDDD:

also, life hates me because LEAKED COBRA SONGS HI and I have nowhere to listen to them. LIFE, OH LIFE WHY SO CRUEL. D:

and I miss you. but you knew that, didn't you. <3

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