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ch-ch-changes...Perjantai 30.11.2007 19:33

I'm starting to feel that I've changed maybe *too* much.
I'm no long excited about the same things that my friends are.
I have different interests, and priorities.
My attitude seems too mature, too moral, and too proactive.
And apparently, I'm a chav, because I wear 'mainstream' clothes, and listen to more than just rock music. That's the thing that hurts the most, because naming someone due to their clothes is immature, and quite frankly something I left largely behind in 6th Form.
I wear these clothes because they're comfortable, and I can afford them.
I listen to this music, because that is what I like at the moment.
I have this attitude because I got off my arse and went to Finland for a year, and had to grow up alot, and cope with things that some people are only just experiencing, or even that they haven't yet. My social circle consisted of people over the age of 21, and so perhaps that's why I think "too old" and act like an old person

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